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  1. Myst88

    Repeating Skills

    I was wondering if there was a way to make a skill that repeats itself, while the user can still use other skills? For example the Mage can cast meteor, and at the end of every turn it'll deal damage to all enemies. But even while this is going on she can still do other actions. I thought the...
  2. Myst88

    Moghunter battle result problem

    Hopefully someone out there can help me. I'm using Moghunter's battle result script. ;> So everything was working fine, no problems whatsoever. But one day I tested my game and it just skipped the battle aftermath. Once the last monster died the screen faded out and I was back on the map. No...
  3. Myst88

    Weapon effects

    Weapons are a common thing in rpg games. And each are unique, for example swords deal a reasonable amount of damage, but axes do more damage but tend to be slower. Staffs boost magic etc etc. So I've been thinking what kind of effects should a weapon have? Swords - Don't do as much damage as...
  4. Myst88

    How should the characters learn new skills?

    I'm seriously stuck on how to make my characters learn new skills. I've been trying out many different ways but I'm not sure which one I'm happy with in the end. So I'm asking for everyones input in the hopes it may help me make up my mind! At the moment I have temp skills attached to...
  5. Myst88

    Choosing genders

    Right, so one of the games I'm working on, I was thinking of letting players choose whether they'll play as a male or female. Think Hawke from Dragon age 2, pretty much same character though the gender influences how some people react to you, plus who you get to romance in the party. Though...

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