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  1. steeltamashii

    Oh, hi there.

    Hi my name is Will (aka steeltamashii). I've been lurking the RPG Maker boards for a while now, and decided that today, I'm going to make my first post! I got into video games back in the early '90s with the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, and ever since I've wanted to make my own video game...

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I just successfully tested changing music by region, and changing it between continents on the world map after getting on/off the airship. I had to override the default audio transitions with eventing to make it change smoothly but it worked.
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Finally scripting out the story after WAYYYYY too long of having 0 idea of how to approach said scripting.
2020 has started off pretty stressful for me, but no need to fear. I have my mood fixer:

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