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  1. alcreator440

    TRADE Searching For Playtesters

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Positions in need: Playtester My Position: Developer Hey RPG Fans, I'm searching for playtesters for my JRPG Rhythm game, Mana Raiders. This has an action packed battle system that eliminates standard rpg traits such as hitrate, evade rate, and critical rate for the...
  2. alcreator440

    Unique RTP-Style Shield Icons

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone out there either has or could make shield icons that have a similar aesthetic to the image above. If you guys know of a source please link me to it. I need about 5-10 unique shield designs. I should also mention that I would like the icon to be angled...
  3. alcreator440

    YEP Auto Passive State & Passive Auras Lag

    Has anyone encountered this problem and/or a fix to it? Yanfly said in his recent version(1.17) that he optimized it but I don't see how since the lag is just as bad as the previous version. I'd be willing to pay someone a commission to fix this issue if they can.
  4. alcreator440

    Dual Wield: Show Off-Hand Weapon when attacking

    Is it possible to temporarily just show the swing/missile/thrust weapon animations of the actor's Off-Hand weapon instead of their Main-Hand weapon when dual wielding? I'm using Yanfly's Weapon Animations if this helps at all. Edit: I think the line below is what I need to use by I'm not sure...
  5. alcreator440

    Yanfly's Equip Core Duplication Glitch

    I'm experiencing an issue with Yanfly's Equip Core and Equip Battle Skills plugins. So basically I equip a skill that applies a state that will allow a character to equip a weapon or shield they normally can't. Then I equip said weapon or shield. Then I unequip the skill that allows them to use...
  6. alcreator440

    Check for number of dead party members

    Can anyone here tell me how to check to see if the number of dead in-battle party members exceeds 0 or not?
  7. alcreator440

    Deploying to a Web Browser

    As a Windows user I've been trying to deploy my game to a friend that has a MacOS. Unfortunately they can't seem to open the file but I read that they might be able to open my game if they played it via Web Browser. Is this true? And if so how can I get that going? I would appreciate it if...
  8. alcreator440

    Getting Skill Type ID

    Can someone tell me how to get the skill type id of a current action. Similar to how I use this line for elements: if (this.item().damage.elementId === 2) { I'm trying to get a certain animation to not play if the user is using a certain skill type. The line below is the application: <Custom...
  9. alcreator440

    RMMV Mana Raiders v0.26 live!!!

    Download the latest version of the game here! This is a challenging 2D JRPG Rhythm game that has a dynamic action packed battle system. Taking full inspiration from Final Fantasy V this game follows the cunning and capable thief named Aksil on a quest to steal the biggest score of Mana in a...
  10. alcreator440

    Rounding decimals

    Is it possible to round all damage to not have any decimals show up using Javascript? I don't mind using some of Yanfly's scripts if that helps.
  11. alcreator440

    Need help on changing item descriptions in Yanfly's Item Upgrade plugin

    I'm currently using Yanfly's Item Core & Upgrade plugins and what I would like to do is display certain text in the item's description based on what upgrade the item has. So for example this is what my sword description says without any upgrades: \i[417]A common sword used by travelers...
  12. alcreator440

    Change enemy graphic with state

    Is it possible to change the enemy's graphic by applying a state to them? Basically I'm trying to do this(using Yanfly's Buffs & States plugin): <Custom Apply Effect> user._prevBattlerName = user._prevBattlerName || user._battlerName; // The filename of the battler graphic without the file...
  13. alcreator440

    Deployed project works through usb but not through Google Drive

    When I deploy my project through Windows(I included all unused files) and transfer it to my other laptop(that uses Windows) via usb it works perfectly. But when I upload the same project to Google Drive and email it to my friend(who has an Asus with Windows) he gets an error saying the file is...
  14. alcreator440

    YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies Bug

    I'm using Yanfly's animated sideview enemies plugin and for some reason the static battlers will not mirror when prompted to in their skill notetags(Edit: Action Sequence notetags). The animated battlers work just fine but not the static ones. When I turn off everything but the essential scripts...
  15. alcreator440

    Loading Troubles

    After I updated to 1.5 and installed Yanfly's 1.5 update for desktops I have been having great trouble loading my game. It will just stay at the "Now Loading" screen forever. Sometimes once every 30 attempts or so it might work but it's quite rare. Does anyone else have this problem and if so...
  16. alcreator440

    Yanfly Equip Battle Skills help

    I'm using Yanfly's Equip Battle Skills plugin and I need help with how to apply this notetag: actor.equipSkill(id, slot), into my game. I just want my actors to start the game with certain skills equipped. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. alcreator440

    Yanfly Animated SV Enemies help

    For some reason my static enemy battlers won't face backwards when I use the command in Yanfly's Action Sequence plugin. It works just fine when I turn the plugin off and it even works fine for the animated battlers but not the static ones. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  18. alcreator440

    Yanfly's Visual State Effects Plugin Help

    Would it be possible for the actor or enemy's weapon to appear when I use the <State Motion: Swing> notetag on the state? Right now they swing but no weapon appears. I would like for it to appear when they perform the motion. Would anyone here that's script savvy mind making a modified version...
  19. alcreator440

    Yanfly Action Sequence Targeting help

    Is it possible to make my action sequence's target someone that is affected by a state instead of the standard; user, target, actor x, character x, etc.? It would be extremely helpful to me if that were possible. If it is not then is it possible for someone to whip up a quick add-on for me...
  20. alcreator440

    Custom React Effect (Yanfly's plugins)

    I'm trying to get my actors to perform a certain motion or skill through the <Custom React Effect> notetags but when I use the code I've written below it doesn't work. The skill in question causes the actor to pull up a shield and go into guard motion to block the attack. If there is some kind...

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