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  1. Black Pagan

    Battle Encounters - How many is too many ?

    I'm working on a Mini Game which uses Multiple 23 X 20 Maps. The Main Objective of the game would be for the Lone Hero to fight through "x" Floors of the Dungeon to reach the Top where the Game ends after a Boss Battle. The Story and Planning are all in very early Concept Phase. However, since...
  2. Black Pagan

    An Easy way to manage Stats & Dmg Formula - For Beginners

    If you are an Advanced Player, Kindly ignore this. This is mainly for New Players and Beginners. I'm somewhat a New Player myself to RPG Maker MV with only a few months of experience. So I was working around finding a decent Formula for my game and I discovered this method so i'm sharing it...
  3. Black Pagan

    Regarding Duplicate Files in Audio Folder

    I was looking up "bgm" folder and "se" folder in RPG Maker MV Default Program, It uses both .ogg and .m4a audio Files. Why is this ? Does removing one kind of file type make some stuff stop working ? Are these just supposed to be different audio formats provided for the sake of convenience or...
  4. Black Pagan

    Regarding Plugin - Version compatibility for RPG Maker MV

    I remember reading a Post on this Forum a few months ago that most people prefer not to update RPG Maker MV beyond a certain version. My game (Which I'm yet to make) mostly uses Yanfly Plugins. However, I might play around with a few other Plugins later on. What Version do you recommend for my...
  5. Black Pagan

    Need Suggestions for a D&D Styled Tile-Set

    So I have plans to make a Tower Dungeon Game where Players climb through the Floors, Battling monsters, D&D style. I looked through Steam but there are so many Additional Content, I am overwhelmed. I wish I could afford them all but sadly I can't at the moment. I am not sure what Tile-sets I...
  6. Black Pagan

    Reward Distribution Priority in an RPG

    Is there a Simple and Effective way to distribute Reward in an RPG ? What I mean is at what points of game should a Player acquire Weapons, Armor, Actives, Passives, Stat Boosts so it would make the Player feel motivated to continue playing ? Although this seems like a rather Simple and...
  7. Black Pagan

    Need help with Translation of Terms of Use on a Website

    I happened to come across this Website : I'm not sure what Language it is, Can someone who understands the Language, Translate the Terms of Use for these Tile-set Resources please ? Thank you. I can't tell if they are even for Free Download...
  8. Black Pagan

    Regarding DLC - Tile-set Compatibility

    Since they are on a Discount on Steam, I was planning to get these 2 DLCs : - Town of Beginnings - Woods and Caves However, I have a few questions : 1. Will both of these Content be considered as "Add-On" Material to Basic Tile sets and Resources in Default RPG Maker MV ? Meaning, Can i...
  9. Black Pagan

    RMMV A Dungeon dilemma - Sometimes Heroes get Bored too !

    Now, Before explaining what my dilemma is about, Let me start off by saying I am planning to make a Tower Climb Rogue-like Game involving a - "Heroes raiding a Tower Dungeon to Climb x Floors and Slay the Boss" kind of Game. However, I have a few nagging doubts about the whole idea. 1. Wouldn't...
  10. Black Pagan

    Damage Calculator - An Excel Document

    What this does : Calculates the Number of Turns that Player Character survives against Monsters based on Stats you provide. This can be used to Balance Stats of both your Players and Enemies in your game. It is based on your own Custom Damage Formula that you enter. The Formula you can enter...
  11. Black Pagan

    Regarding Commissioned Maps

    I have a Mini Game that is in development. Since my Mapping skills are not the best, I was deciding on hiring someone with doing only the mapping part of my Game. But before i go around doing that, I wanted to know what I would be expected to Pay the person for the work. The Game involves 6...
  12. Black Pagan

    Need help with Damage Formula for a Game with "Very Low Numbers"

    I have been working on very low numbers for Stats in my game which has just 5 Levels, To keep it very simple. The Default formula doesn't seem so good for it. Does anyone have ideas to replace the "Default" Damage Formula with something better suited to make it work around very low numbers ...
  13. Black Pagan

    Need help - With events being Reset after Map Transfer

    Well, to begin with, I'm not so great at events. I am working with a System in my Game where a Monster spawns when a certain switch is turned on. It chases you and forces a Battle Encounter. Now the problem I have is.. Whenever I go to another map and come back, The Monster position seems to be...
  14. Black Pagan

    Interactive Ideas - Objects at a Camping Site

    I recently started making a Survival Game based on a theme - A Space Explorer gets stranded on an Alien Planet where you crash-land your Space Ship, The Player camps out in an Arid desert in a Small Tent full of Interact-able objects. As you explore, You are rewarded with more Unique Tents with...
  15. Black Pagan

    Need some Tips regarding the "Loop Function"

    Hello there. I'm attempting to create a Simple "Day and Night" Cycle in my Game to simulate a basic "Day & Night Cycle" based on varying "Screen Brightness", Also using "Wait x Frames" commands in between Cycles to simulate Individual Hours. The "x" doesn't matter for now, it can be anything...
  16. Black Pagan

    Regarding Damage Formula

    I remember using Previous RPG Makers with Damage Ratio scaling like 120% of Base Damage, Which made setting up Skills a lot easier. Since RPG Maker MV doesnt have the same damage methods, What is the easiest way to replicate it ? What is 120% of Base Damage as expressed according to the...
  17. Black Pagan

    Games based entirely on Auto Battle

    Hi everyone ! Today, Lets talk about Auto Battle Feature in RPG Maker, Something that is rarely used in most Games. Most RPGs we see are just about button mashing these days. At some point, your hand aches and you get tired simply selecting the same Skills a couple dozen times in every...
  18. Black Pagan

    Gear Description - Different Varieties

    Lets pretend you don't care about the Genre of the Game. It could be your Typical Grind fest Role-playing Game or Rogue-Like or Adventure Game with Generic Combat - The Level of Encounters expected out of a Typical RPG Maker Game you have seen and played. What kind of Description do you prefer...
  19. Black Pagan

    RMMV Need Ideas - Early Concepts of a Tower Game

    So I was planning to start designing my first Game - A Rogue-like Tower adventure Game which focuses more on Combat, Exploration and little on Story. The Story : At this point, The Early Concept of the Game is - The Hero who happens to be a Pirate, is Ship-wrecked on a Spooky island because...
  20. Black Pagan

    Need Feedback - Early Concepts of a Tower Game

    So I was planning to start designing my first Game - A Rogue-like Tower adventure which focuses more on Combat, Exploration and very little on Story. The General Story : At this point, The Early Concept of the Game is - The Hero who happens to be a Pirate, is Ship-wrecked on a Lone island...

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