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  1. vap0re0n

    Painted style or pixel style?

    If the game is stuck to very rigid grid movement, usually prefer pixel. It kind of makes it fit the presentation to me. The art doesn't need to blend well. Otherwise for all else painted style over pixel, particularly one like RF4, Tales of Eternia or Ni No Kuni on the DS. However my biggest...
  2. vap0re0n

    Hudell's plugin in Plugin Support.

    Perhaps the one on his github might give you some luck.
  3. vap0re0n

    Your favorite soundtracks to casually listen to.

    For me the original Nier's is favorite go to, sometimes Bayonetta's. Not a video game sountrack, but if I'm feeling a bit gay I'll play The Shire song from TLotR when I'm walking around greenery. It's oddly entertaining. I would recommend trying it out.
  4. vap0re0n

    Your personal history with the Internet and computers in general

    I've been around computers as long as I can remember. First PC received somewhere at the age of 7 from my brother. I remember it's HDD capacity as 8GB. Processing power...well it could run a GBC games so good enough. I remember helping the IT teacher in my elementary school and teaching him...
  5. vap0re0n

    Say "Hello" in your language

    Zdravo! Although I would say I'm more familiar with English nowadays.
  6. vap0re0n

    Idea Impulse. Did you do it?

    I have a few times. I would say it depends as each idea isn't the same. If the idea is simple enough to implement and it makes the final game more fun/interesting, I'd say go for it. If it's quite complex and is just to make the game more unique but not necessarily more fun/interesting, I'd say...
  7. vap0re0n

    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    4am, wow that's dedication. You guys are really doing an amazing job of this. Love Japanese culture, particularly those that remind me of emulate feudal Japan. Can't wait to play your spin on it and hope you keep you keep up the great work!
  8. vap0re0n

    What game are you currently Playing?

    It's good to see the virtual pets scene is still alive. Love dragons too. As for me I just finished Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS. The game was great! There were some flaws, it did get quite grindy and repetitive by the end. However, the games dialogue was top-tier and something I'd love to see...
  9. vap0re0n

    Your favorite animal.

    Wild: White Tiger. Domestic: Tri Color Australian Shepherd (although I would prefer to have a cat as a pet). Love most animals though - except of the arthropod tree. Well I'm impressed, but man am I trying hard not to think your insane...
  10. vap0re0n

    What game are you currently Playing?

    Woah! How do you manage to complete them...? :kaoswt2: For me just halfway through little old Dragon Quest VIII. Want to finish it off before starting DQXI.
  11. vap0re0n

    LTN Game's Plugins | Free & Premium Plugins

    Nice to see your staying strong with the programming and super curious about FeniXCLI. I look forward to the next update, good luck!
  12. vap0re0n

    Is there a way to make Monster Rancher-like game?

    I agree, XP was an excellent Maker, sadly a bit outdated now. I also wish they would go back to it but as you pointed out we can do Parallel Maps to make up for this. That's a good place to start a more traditional RPG would be a good way to get more familiar with MV also. No problem, good...
  13. vap0re0n

    What is your Ultimate Goal?

    Should be: "Take over... ZA WARUDO. WRYYYYY!" (sorry, couldn't resist) But really: Work, create, enjoy life and be generous. Also: Sleep as little as possible (I'll sleep when I'm dead).
  14. vap0re0n

    Your Favourite Anime (can be more than one)

    No particular order: Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass R2, Death Note, Psycho Pass, Cowboy Bepop, Fate/Zero 2nd, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Joseph's arc), Gundam Zeta, Ouran Koukou, Nana, Steins; Gate Favourite in another (semi-active) part of my brain: Pokemon, Digimon Adventure 1&2, Cardcaptor...
  15. vap0re0n

    Is there a way to make Monster Rancher-like game?

    It's definitely possible. A few years ago I made a basic Monster Rancher clone in RPGM VX Ace by utilizing lot of events. It was missing the tournament though and I limited it to 4 monsters (you could definitely do more). There are calendar systems, which you would definetely want to look at...
  16. vap0re0n

    JRPG Shop Preferences

    Immersive walk-in shops are always nice, especially if you visit the location often or there are events in it. Atelier and Rune Factory I feel benefit well from walk-in and do it well. Games with really nice visuals like Bravely Defaults, I'd always be happy to see more maps. However long...
  17. vap0re0n

    Western vs Eastern game elements

    There appears to be some reason for the use of anime-like designs: “We felt that in Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and X, the facial expressions [were] kind of a little bit hard, a little bit stiff,” says executive director Tetsuya Takahashi. “We really wanted to put a little bit more focus on creating...
  18. vap0re0n

    Anybody thinking about Educational games?

    Interesting topic. As someone who worked as a relief teacher, I found games in education can be very powerful. When your having fun your usually more engaged with the material, and the more engaged you are and have exposure to a particular topic, the better. I learnt quite a lot of English...
  19. vap0re0n

    Western vs Eastern game elements

    You know I think your pretty right with the art direction. I can't think of many 'JRPG's' that didn't seem to have some sort of anime or manga inspiration. The only JRPG I can think of that doesn't give me an anime vibe is Dark Souls, but I seriously thought this was a WRPG. Although if Dark...
  20. vap0re0n

    mindMap or brainstorm of rmmv ?

    Wow, that's very intricate, in a good way though. I think your method looks quite good/thorough. The most I have ever done personally is use pen and paper - creating basic trees, for keeping track of structure. However I haven't used it for anything complicated, so I don't think my method is...

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