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  1. biud436

    Transparent Filter

    Transparent Filter by Biud436 Introduction This plugin and the extension tool allow you to set up the desired transparent color like as RPG Maker VX Ace and 2K. Video Screenshots How to Use You execute the extension after extract the extension file and next then select the game project...
  2. biud436

    Javascript YouTube Player

    YouTube Player Extension Introduction This extension will cover setting up or playing YouTube video in Visual Novel Maker. Extension Download Link - How to Use You can install the extension using [Tool - Extension Manager] after...
  3. biud436

    Korean Characters Typing Issue

    When typing Korean characters in the Ace script editor 1.2.5 version, Korean characters are sometimes duplicated and some Korean characters will appear twice when only typed once. However, It works fine in the Ace Editor 1.2.9 version (latest version). Test Video (1.0.1048)
  4. biud436

    Multiple Viewports

    Multiple Viewports 1.2.1 By Biud436 Introduction This plugin provides the multiple viewports Features - This plugin can only use in PIXI 4.0.0 or more. Video How to Use Plugin Commands Plugins This plugin can be downloaded in the following...
  5. biud436

    MV 1.3.1 'Show Scrolling Text..' event command is not working.

    Are you using plugins? Did you disable them first? Does the bug still happen?: No plugins. Is your bug already reported by another person? Don't make a new topic. Reply to that thread instead if you have anything substantial to add: No reports. Bug Explanation: This bug occurs after...
  6. biud436

    Keyboard Input Dialog

    Keyboard Input Dialog 1.1.16 by Biud436 Introduction This plugin allows you to display text edit box on the screen. Features - Supports typing various languages. Video Screen Shots How to Use Plugin Commands Demo...
  7. biud436

    YouTube Player

    YouTube Player 1.0.7 by Biud436 Introduction This plugin allows you to start playback of the YouTube video. Video In general, In Android Chrome and Mobile Safari, It doesn't automatically start playback. and you can also stop the video by clicking around the...
  8. biud436

    Biud436's Simple Light

    Biud436's Simple Light v1.1.0 by Biud436 Introduction This plugin allows you to enable the light effect like as lantern on the map. Features - This plugin does not require images. - This only works in WebGL mode. - RPG Maker MV v1.6.1 or more. Screenshots Video How to setup...
  9. biud436

    Biud436's HUD (Multiple HUD)

    Biud436's HUD (Multiple HUD) 1.2.8 by Biud436 Introduction This plugin draws the HUD that displays the hp and mp and exp and level of each party members. Screenshots How to Use Note Tags Code Plugin Commands Demo...
  10. biud436

    Wave Filter

    Wave Filter 1.5.10 by Biud436 Introduction This plugin applies the wave effect to the sprite by using the Fragment Shader. Features - This only works in WebGL mode. - You can use four properties called wave_amp and wave_length and wave_speed and wave_phase on Sprite...

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