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  1. You stole that from X game!

    Ah yes, this discussion. I'm personally on the 'execution' train myself. I want something that is done very well, and if done correctly, it can feel original in its own right. You've got to go with what feels right for the game and settting rather than going out of your way to make...
  2. Cold Open

    Thank you both for the suggestion. As noted above, yes it would require a lot of scripting, something that I don't have in the bag. Maybe someone has a plugin, or maybe I could request it, either way, I don't think the Cold Open will happen at this point in time, and it's a bit of a pity...
  3. Cold Open

    I had been thinking about, but I don't know if it is possible at all without assistance from a plugin. but is it possible at all to 'Cold Open' a game? (Cold Open - Straight to the game, no main menu screen or start up screen.  As in, the first time the player opens the game, it goes straight...
  4. SumRndmDde's Timed Attack Core

    Timed Attacks? Ho ho, that's the ticket! This sounds like it works with the Yanfly engine, and if it does, then oh man, that's cooking! Though Undertale? I am disappoint. The Mario RPG series is the true Timed Attack hero!  And one thing that the Mario RPG series does have is Timed Defense...
  5. Jay's Dual Tech system

    Alright, good news, I've found what the problem is. For reasons I can't figure out, you know those // and * that is in the plugin? Those were removed from my file, so, when I booted up the debugger, it told me the function === was undefined. Then I looked into the file, and for some reason...
  6. Jay's Dual Tech system

    My testing conditions iss using Yanfly's Sample Project (Which does have all of them.) that came out on the 15th of this month. I could try update it to the latest one (22nd) and see if any changes are noted and if it is successful. Perhaps maybe if I know which ones you're using that emulate...
  7. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Well, after trying that out and some further research, it seems like that yes, I have to create different parts to the skill, and then combine it all at once. Thanks to some further assistance, I've done my best to make the skill animations as fluent as possible while making sure the...
  8. Jay's Dual Tech system

    I'm afraid I'm in the same boat as huynhminhyntd. Animations work fine, but no damage seems to be done, no MP is taken away, and the MP costs to use the skill is not being displayed. I'm using the Yanfly sample project as a means to test out the new skills so I can come to grips with them...
  9. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Just a quick question, is there anyway to introduce the variable from another character? I'm trying out some multi-character skills (skills that use two actors for joint attack.) In this example, I want to use the initial user's attack and the 2nd character's magic attack for the calculation...
  10. Piece of Cake

    Well, finally found myself the time to play the game, and it was very enjoyable, very well done! Although I do have to admit my first play-through didn't even last 20 seconds, and that pretty much did alert me to the multiple endings. I wanted to give a proper play-through before I discovered...
  11. Final Fantasy VI

    Ah, FF6, to this day, it's still the best FF. That said, I can see why so many like FF7 if only slightly more. But it's clear that both FF6 and FF7 are the best games in the series. I think the big major reason why FF6 may not be as popular is the medium that its displayed in. Graphics...
  12. Games you think are Overrated?

    In regards to Undertale, I can see where they were trying to go with it. In fact, there are some very good ideas in there. But there are a few things that just kill the concept dead for me: 1. How are you killing these monsters? With Ballet Shoes and Words (or are you smacking them with a...
  13. Editing Motion Animations

    Wait, I've found it. It's in the system folder under weapons. Edits can be made from there. You can also choose another image so you can have one using a specific weapon, and another a generic weapon.
  14. Editing Motion Animations

    Is there anyway to edit the motion animations at all? I can't seem to find anything that changes that option. Reason I ask is that I'm using sprites that will use a specific weapon that is better suited to the sprite. For example, the bow. I'm OK with it releasing the arrow, but I want to...
  15. Games you think are Overrated?

    Here's an unpopular choice: Chrono Trigger. I've tried three times to play through the game, and just got bored half way through. It's weird because I liked both FF6 and Mario RPG, and CT introduced some good concepts, but between the bland characters, a lost story line, and dull battle system...
  16. MV Icon recolours

    OK, request has been resolved!
  17. Edits and Recolours by Doc - Updated with moar trees.

    I have just seen them. They look great! Just what I wanted! I do admit that the purple fortune ball does look a little conflicting. Then again, that was always going to be the case with the purple background. It does it job, and I am very pleased with it! Thanks very much for your efforts...
  18. Edits and Recolours by Doc - Updated with moar trees.

    Alright, just saw it. Wrong way around, the orb is purple. Still a good effort.  I have attached the instructions above. My apologies for not being clearer about it.
  19. Edits and Recolours by Doc - Updated with moar trees.

    That's fair enough. The desired colours I'm after: For the star, four separate variations. Only the background, so it still has a white star in the middle, but just a change of background (same finish as the gold, silver, and bronze as seen above.) For the others, I need the object itself...
  20. Edits and Recolours by Doc - Updated with moar trees.

    Hi Doc, I don't suppose you could do a simple recolour? I've got the MV icons I want recoloured from the icon sheet as an example: Can I please get a green, red, blue, and purple background version of the stars, and a purple version of the others (Orb, Broken Orb, Book, and Fortune Ball)...

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