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  1. Cannot Load Game Project

    Thanks , it worked. 
  2. Cannot Load Game Project

    I cannot seem to be able to load teh game project, i was working right but now it says it is unable to read the game project file. 
  3. Character graphics rights(degica)

    (removed Image)
  4. Character graphics rights(degica)

    I would do the character from scratch but they would be looking similar ( i would use the character generator as a way to create the game using a generic Character before i would go on and createa  unique Character. ) Would it be possible to ask Degica to personally State whether they consider...
  5. Character graphics rights(degica)

    What if i draw from scratch a Character that looks similar? i mean Degica doesnt own the concept of a swordsman or an archer afaik. My character may have similar hair, and similar armor and cape. but it is drawn from scratch.  What is the difference between inspired of and copyright...
  6. Character graphics rights(degica)

    How different would it be from the original character parts for it to be considered a different piece of art? that is the question. i am trying to create something that is similar but not exactly the same. i want to know how different does it have to be.
  7. Character graphics rights(degica)

    Hello, how different do characters made with the character generator have to be in order to be original work ( degica would not be able to sue you for infringement) . I want to get my game on unity for purpose of Scripting and monetization and i would like to be able to use character from the...
  8. Increase Max Events.

    those would be static event, they would move unless they are touched by the character. i think the region based event works if i can make it that you can touch the region and activate trigger. which then would change tile.
  9. Increase Max Events.

    will it erase the event or modify the tile if i use regional events?
  10. Increase Max Events.

    you gather ressource by moving on them, then you get a few text message of you hitting it and then you gain the ressource. its not on each tile of a large map, the map is 500x500 and i want to put alot of ressources.
  11. Increase Max Events.

    i was wrong about the common events, this is not what i want, i want to increase the maximum number of map style events.
  12. Increase Max Events.

    most of these events are like a transfer event, not moving one. i have found a script to create more events but it doesnt seem to work or i don't know how to make it so.   #:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:= #  #                                  ...
  13. Increase Max Events.

    I need much more than 999 events for my game. in fact i might require more than 9999, is there a way to increase this to 2500 ( whole map covered just in case).
  14. Victor Sant Compatibility

    i cannot find that person agani, and i feel like he cheated me in the commercial transaction, this was done on another website, i should have asked him.
  15. Victor Sant Compatibility

    Anyone can help me to make Victor Sant module compatible with all the other script. i paid someone to make those and now there are problems.
  16. Can i request a refund?

    I have obtained the refund for my purchase, please close this thread.
  17. Can i request a refund?

    specific caps are for yelling. underline is for emphasis.
  18. Can i request a refund?

    oh, i guess i was wrong.  thank you for clearing that up Mlogan.
  19. Can i request a refund?

    Caps letter are pretty much a sign of being aggressive. i also am right, the Shaz script for conversion required you to buy the pre-order bundle.
  20. Can i request a refund?

    this is what i meant , the pre-order bundle included that script which i needed. 

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