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  1. thejamesmcornett

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    *sees the Dragon head and tail* DUDE! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That was the one thing I was missing in order to have my game even begin to be a possibility! You just legit made my Christmas. ^_^
  2. thejamesmcornett

    Gameboy Retro Pack Interest

    You have my attention... and I agree with what seems to be a majority here--NES and SNES style retro graphics would be a bonus. I personally want to do the idea of different styled worlds, and each of these sets would work wonderfully with what I have in mind.
  3. thejamesmcornett

    Arum Reference World Map [Submit your new countries here]

    Altervox Creator: James M. Cornett Seen in: Open creation: feel free to include in your own games Details: -Women are dominant gender -Men enslaved as either workers or breeders -Tends to be low-key in political situations -Merchant country that depends on imports for survival   Suggested...
  4. thejamesmcornett

    Happy Holidays Event

    The holiday tradition I enjoy most is baking with my son and my mom. It's a great kick-start to the holidays, and every year Zayvin gets more creative with his decorating. This year, we started off with a giant gingerbread man. I'll see if I can find the picture of it soon, but suffice to say I...
  5. thejamesmcornett

    Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    Dude...can I make a request? Your Slenderman character is awesome and almost a perfect fit for the game I'm working on. If you could give him a more black-and-white color scheme, a trenchcoat and a paintball-type mask with red lenses, I would have just about everything I need battler-wise.
  6. thejamesmcornett

    Grinding? I kind of miss it.

    Well, that was part of the fun of playing the early FF/DW games, is you HAD to do that in order to progress anywhere in the game. Sooner or later, you hit a jump in the difficulty that required you to be a few levels more in order to make it easier, and you STILL had an element of strategy/luck...
  7. thejamesmcornett

    (MD) Shop Add-On Tilesets

    Meltastic! Once again, I'm impressed.
  8. thejamesmcornett

    SolarGale's Workshop

    Dude, that's PERFECT! :-D Major thanks, SG!
  9. thejamesmcornett

    SolarGale's Workshop

    Title: Realms of Illusia Title Colour: Yellow Sub Title: A Techstyle Media Production Sub Color: Neon Green Style: Style 4 for title, Style 1 for sub Vectors: Heart with wings and a halo behind text Other Info: A free game I'm going to be working on while my main one is in development
  10. thejamesmcornett

    Game Content Help

    Sorry about that. As I said, I was still waking up at the initial post. You are correct in your assumptions, and the post has been edited accordingly. In fact, i had put an RPG Maker VX Ace tag on the topic at the start for that purpose.
  11. thejamesmcornett

    Advanced World Map Tileset

    Definitely considering using this in my TMC project. :-)
  12. thejamesmcornett

    Game Content Help

    Okay, I normally don't do public requests for personal projects, but I figure there might be a few who could use these as well. I had originally posted this in another thread, but it was suggested that I make a new topic, so that's what I've done. These would be used in "The Multiverse...
  13. thejamesmcornett

    If we were to release RPG Maker 2003 in English would you buy it?

    NOT necessarily. With RM2K3 as freely available as it has been the last decade, there would have to be something else put in, a kind of "This is why you should get it from us". deal. Sure, being able to legally make games is a good thing, but compared to the other engines Enterbrain has released...
  14. thejamesmcornett

    If we were to release RPG Maker 2003 in English would you buy it?

    I know I'm a bit late coming to the discussion, but considering that I've always been a fan of the side battle system more than the front (which actually works more for the kinds of games I'd like to make), I would be estatic for RM2K3 to be released officially! PLEASE DO THIS! ADDENDUM: If...
  15. thejamesmcornett

    The Rant/Rave Thread

    Oh, I wish I hadn't found this... I've been dating the same girl on-and-off for about eight months. Of course, this is one of those girls that, I would find out later, is a few coins shy of a 1-UP, to the point where she'd get confused on whether we were dating, just friends, or what. She...
  16. thejamesmcornett

    Resources/RTP from older RPG Makers

    RM2K3 and 95, hands down. The side-battle system was my favorite part of RM2K3, and it never got the love it should have. A script to recreate it, along with the proper assets, would be wonderful for those of us who are die-hard FFVI fans.
  17. thejamesmcornett

    I found the humor in it, because my friends would do the exact same thing.

    I found the humor in it, because my friends would do the exact same thing.
  18. thejamesmcornett

    Gearing up for starting on my game. Major item right now--taking my novel and converting it to...

    Gearing up for starting on my game. Major item right now--taking my novel and converting it to feasible game plot.
  19. thejamesmcornett

    New Character Properties with Calls v2.2

    :-O Definitely going to be using this one in my Multiverse Chronicles game! I can imagine the possibilities on this one.
  20. thejamesmcornett

    Holders Animated Battlers

    It's too bad that these can't be used for commercial purposes, because you are a very talented artist when it comes to battlers. Any chance of you doing for-hire works? ;-)

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