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  1. Vodke

    Be prepared for the 15th, when everyone else gets to join.

    Personally, I don't expect a big flood of people to suddenly appear tomorrow, but I guess we'll only know when the time comes. I think that most people that join in the next days will contribute in some kind of way to the community (as someone else has stated, this forum hasn't been very...
  2. Vodke

    Early Ace Badges

    I too, hadn't notice the badges. Good work, cannot wait to see the rest of them :lol:.
  3. Vodke

    Hello from a veteran!

    Hello Indi, I have known (and been a fan of) you from a very long time. Your games inspired me years ago to try RPG Maker, even though I was only about thirteen years old. I have played most of your games (still haven't had much time for Laxius Force 3) and loved each and every one of them. Keep...

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