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  1. Empiron

    [IGMC 2015] The Arena

    They are nips of pure power! And thanks, yeah I did forget to add the link :)
  2. Empiron

    [IGMC 2015] The Arena

      Link to Contest page   This is the story of Lucius, a young man who's parents were executed by the Roman Emperor Titus for Treason. He is taken into slavery to become a Gladiator, sentenced to die in the pits. The Fate of his younger...
  3. Empiron

    The League of Mildly Useful Gentlemen

    Why thank you kind sir. I will post updates on this thread when things are fully underway. Hey, being mildly useful is a very special skill. I can make almost 4 different flavours of pasta.
  4. Empiron

    Story Writer Neded

    This thread
  5. Empiron

    The League of Mildly Useful Gentlemen

    Intro   Welcome to my thread! I am currently looking for people to be involved in this wonderful project.   The League Of Mildly Useful Gentlemen is planned to be a Commercial Project, it is early in development so I am looking for talented individuals to help make this game beautiful.   Story-...
  6. Empiron

    RPG Tester Service

    Hello there! I submitted a game to the indie games contest, and I am looking for some constructive feedback to use for my next upcoming project. The forum link is here If you do have the time then it would be much...
  7. Empiron

    Stormblood [Download]

    Hello, thank you for the rundown. I hope you will sing Jesus Christ Superstar along with me "(Voice of Judas) Ev'ry time I look at you I don't understand Why you let the things you did Get so out of hand You'd have managed better If you'd had it planned Now why'd you choose such a...
  8. Empiron

    Stormblood [Download]

    Thank you for the feedback so far! In regards to the gamebreaking bugs they have been fixed, and I buffed Bloodmagus a bit to be on par with the rest of the classes. Also got rid of the save point underground so people cant get stuck if they weren't ready. In regards to everything else I...
  9. Empiron

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    Hello! I can see you put a lot of work into this game,   I have played Heart Pumps Clay, I managed about an hour and 20 minutes playtime before I had to give up. There's a homunculus with puppet things that are impossible to kill. I tried all the different elements to fight it but it was just...
  10. Empiron

    Dr. House* Grades Your Papers

    I'll edit this one and post it in your main ;)
  11. Empiron

    Dr. House* Grades Your Papers

    Loving the reviews !  Really helping me choose what games I should play
  12. Empiron

    Dr. House* Grades Your Papers

    If you'd like to review my game ( I'll happily give yours a reel too! <3
  13. Empiron

    Stormblood [Download]

    Have reuploaded Stormblood V2.0 which contains various bugfixes and a couple added savepoints and some monster balance changes!
  14. Empiron

    (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    I love you for this
  15. Empiron


    I am available if you are looking for a male Voice Actor.  Heres a link to my Voicereel.
  16. Empiron

    Rate Each Game out of 5!

    Heres my review for Unravelled! Took me about 1 hour 20 minutes to complete. Firstly want to stay that the Graphics, Animations, Music and Art was stunning! Really nice! And it felt really immersive. The Story and the discovering secrets parts were really well done, and some bits even gave me...
  17. Empiron

    Rate Each Game out of 5!

    Thanks for the review! I am downloading yours now as i'm writing this ;) Regarding the first battle i agree maybe they do have a bit too much hp, its finding a balance between making fights short and not too mind numbingly easy. Most of the month I spent getting the voices story and dialogue...
  18. Empiron

    Rate Each Game out of 5!

    If anyone wants to play and review my game Stormblood, I will happily play your game and review it! <3 <3 <3  (

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