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  1. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Paradox Recoloured Basic Tilessets!

    just fyi on your trees,the bigger really blue one (second from bottom) stacked together isn't colored, just the original color still :P but good job though :D
  2. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Nekarin's Stuff

    nice! the simplicity is great and the color blending is well done!
  3. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    @VicWhite ah i see, i think this idea is good :D. only thing though is that I feel like in the pixel art of Jake and Joe, the glasses/eyes for Jake kinda feels like they pop out a little too much (also have a gray outline around his head :O). Same thing with the above screenshot, kinda pops out...
  4. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    This is an awesome concept! I think that you definitely have a great possibility of achieving something with this. Only thing, Jake has no eyes! :P jk though, good job so far! :D
  5. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Kaimen's Audio Showcase

    These are awesome :D kind of a sucker for the more "retro" style (love byte buster soo much!) All of your stuff is pretty well done, keep it up :) . Also really digging "Malicious Heart" and "Forest Sanctuary" quite a bit. lol you're right about the "Resume Fame?" track though, it does...
  6. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    I can see clearly now my brain has gone...

    The whole being trapped in a moving puzzle kind of reminds me of the 1997 movie "Cube". Although that is a sci-fi horror, might be worth looking into a little :P . But the zombies are kind of adorable and really well done :D
  7. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Moony's House of Resources [Minor Update: 8/29/16 - My computer lives!]

    I noticed you have a spoiler tag for generator parts but none are present at the moment. possibly sci-fi themed generator parts in the MV style then? there are a lot of more fantasy parts on the forum but no too many good sci-fi parts. So far your work is awesome :D
  8. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    these are adorable, and really well done! There are so many more possibilities that open up with this kind of thing, you got this! :D
  9. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Tokyo Ghoul : The Anime Game

    This looks pretty cool, just keep in mind everything about tokyo ghoul is going to be licensed already so if this is just for fun then that's cool. Like what you have here though, hope it works out :D
  10. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    terms of use?
  11. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Making Rent

    ah ok, good that you have some help with the spriting at least :D Basically, parallax mapping is creating a map in an image editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP then importing the map as a picture into your game. So, this allows for more complex mapping and overall better looking...
  12. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Making Rent

    haven't looked at the demo but a few things from the screenshots, i guess. how much effort are you willing to put into the game? i only ask this as the default look of really any rpg engine is... well, quite boxy. if you can figure out parallax mapping, that would make the game look much more...
  13. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    In The Wild (name pending)

    Well, as for the scripts in such, there are a surprising amount of them out there, from the obvious Yanfly or Victor engine scripts (which are compatable btw) to all the random ones from contributors all over. Most scripts that are out can really be utilized to great effect, so with enough time...
  14. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    so i was thinking about the problem with hats and such. Accessory 2 (or Accessory B, whatever) overlays above all the hair. Couldn't you include a hood n such but just have it as a seperate accessory? that way you can still have front hair at least. it should overlay across it without causing...
  15. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Godstones - Genesis

    I also had an error with the chimera boss beneath the slums in the green crystal. during the fight, i kept to a pattern of attacking/overdrive with enros (defender), green dude was elementalist and healing with white wind and the head of that guild was the mystic using smite. after a while of...
  16. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    Hey there once again! These are really good, but I noticed another little thing about some of them. I noticed for some of the pieces (only checked metal helmets and crown so far) that the coloring is off using it in generator. For example, the Knight Helmet (not soldier) you can only edit the...
  17. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    So for anyone using these, i tried using some for the female generator as well. Some of these will need a minor edit to the SV files to fit properly for females. I think the default female is slightly shorter so they need to be moved down to look right.
  18. Couch Flipper t(o.ot)

    DBDragoner's Edits 12/05

    This is really cool but... is it just me or do the little girl faces seem to have abnormally large forheads? Don't mean to critisize but they seem somewhat disproportioned

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