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  1. Will you stop using VX altogether?

    VX will still be my main maker, primarily because my #1 signature project is currently underway. It isn't nearly finished enough to drop, but it's too far along to restart. By the time I'm finished with it and satisfied with the amount of time it's been available in a completed state, Ace's...
  2. Game Development Advice

    As I've gotten more and more into the creative process behind game design (among other pursuits), I've found understanding the world around me to be of increasing significance. Know how geology works, know how the planet's ecosystem and weather cycles work, biology, human behavior, and so on...
  3. Rations (aka hunger system)

    I kind of like the idea, mostly because I tend to enjoy playing RPGs from a wide perspective, managing travel, sleep, and other realistic necessities. I always enjoyed the early Ultima games-they required having food, but I'm interested in the degree of detail what you described presents.

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A wave of cold air has hit Canada... I know it's "always cold", but this one is especially cold... I'm freezing to death lol.
Have fun with English: a "fire grenade" is not portable napalm but a fire extinguisher tool.
2 days ago someone tried to convert me to Islam. Today youtube tried to convert me to Catholicism. The only thing left would be to meet sone Jehova's witnesses.
I just successfully tested changing music by region, and changing it between continents on the world map after getting on/off the airship. I had to override the default audio transitions with eventing to make it change smoothly but it worked.
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