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  1. Choice bugs, not choosing said choice by esc had character changed.

    Ah, didn't read the setup there. Thanks. I had similar problems with dual attack not showing up in special before. >_>
  2. Choice bugs, not choosing said choice by esc had character changed.

    Hi, I'm using 1.61 and made a dialogue with 4 choices that change 1st actor's classes. 1st one lose exp then change class. 2nd one change class and portrait Once entering the dialogue presenting 4 choices, pressing esc to exit dialogue would change Harvard despite not choosing the 2nd...
  3. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    This plugin is amazing, it works well implementing multiclass too. I'm curious, can I make a skilled hidden from a class be learned through NPC tutoring (event) like Might and magic where you pay NPC to teach you skills? Also can you assigned points to actors before they join, so they get a...
  4. Can parallel trigger start random event?

    After some more tries, I manage to somewhat emulate what I wanted with this. The event would either activate on first day of said week always or jump to the next switch though. Cannot make it to be random day of each week unless I make 7 events for each day.
  5. Can parallel trigger start random event?

    It seems there would require lots of action trigger (whenever time moves such as entering area, leaving area, etc.) if parallel trigger doesn't work. :(
  6. Can parallel trigger start random event?

    Hi, I cannot code and try to make a randomized once per month ingame time event but don't think it works. The parallel trigger would indefinitely "roll 1d4" till self switch A is turned on. I've thought about using if not branch as well but cannot seem to get it to work. The time is also...
  7. NPC gamble against each other, is it possible?

    Thanks, I think I've got it. I've to wonder, does the comparsion event have to happen to named common events? For example, I created 2 common events called orc d20 roll, goblin d20 roll, then 2 variable orc wealth and goblin wealth so the competition between the first 2 common events would...
  8. NPC gamble against each other, is it possible?

    I watched several gambling tutorials and think they're about player gambling against a npc. Is it possible to have 2 NPC gambling against each other? If NPC A has 100 gold, NPC B has 100 gold, both do a dice check and the one who lost lose 10 gold to the other, making one 110 and the other at 90.

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