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  1. Soryuju

    Triggering an Effect on an Actor Before Command Input

    My battle system uses an STB-style turn order, where actors execute commands immediately after the player selects them. What I want to know is this: is there a way to trigger an effect on an actor when it becomes their individual turn to act, but before the player inputs any commands for them...
  2. Soryuju

    RMMV Enemy Surrender Mechanic

    So I’ve gotten the idea to implement an enemy “surrender” mechanic in my current project, and I wanted to try talking out some of the system’s specifics here and get feedback. Here’s the basic idea: 1. When there is only one non-boss enemy left on the field, they will “surrender,”...
  3. Soryuju

    Yanfly Party Limit Gauge: Gain Limit on Action Start

    I have a question about Yanfly’s Party Limit Gauge plugin, linked below: I want to set up the Gauge so that each member of the player’s party automatically generates a certain amount of Limit at the start of their action. To clarify, I...
  4. Soryuju

    Displaying MP/TP Gain From Skills Like a Skill Cost?

    I want to experiment with a system where using skills in battle generates MP or TP (one or the other, doesn’t matter) instead of consuming it. Each character’s target rate will be determined by their current MP/TP value. The end result will be that the more powerful skills a character uses, the...
  5. Soryuju

    How to check an actor’s subclass?

    I’ve got actors who have selectable main classes and subclasses in my project, and I’m trying to figure out how to check an actor’s current subclass so I can use the subclass ID as a condition for various events, evals, etc. I’ve seen the script call below recommended elsewhere to accomplish...
  6. Soryuju

    MV Won’t Start After Windows Update

    I just ran a Windows update on my PC, and now MV 1.6.1 won’t open at all. When I try to open a project via my desktop, file explorer, or even Steam, it just comes up with a white screen which closes itself after a few seconds. Some background: I’d previously been experiencing extremely...
  7. Soryuju

    Conditionally Apply a State to All Actors

    I’m trying to set up a battle event which will check each actor at the beginning of every round and apply a certain state on each one if they meet a specific condition. For example, if an actor is affected by State 7 at the start of the round, add State 10 to them. I’d like to do the same thing...
  8. Soryuju

    Longer But Fewer Normal Encounters

    How do you feel about the concept of making regular battles in games somewhat longer and more involved (with appropriately scaled rewards), but reducing the overall frequency of encounters in exchange? I want to talk a bit about my own project for context, but then open it back up to a more...
  9. Soryuju

    Animation Editor Repeatedly Crashing MV

    I’ve just run into an issue where the animation editing menu in MV is triggering almost constant crashes in the engine. I’ve never run into this before, but here’s some background: - I’m running RPG Maker MV 1.6.1. - I haven’t tried designing animations since I upgraded to a new computer. My...
  10. Soryuju

    Remove the state which has the most turns remaining?

    I was wondering if someone could help me implement a system in which status ailment-cleansing skills remove a set number of ailments, and they normally prioritize removing the ailment(s) which currently have the most turns remaining in their duration. I’m using Yanfly’s State Categories to...
  11. Soryuju

    How do you handle skills that require certain weapon types?

    In games which have class systems and/or which allow characters to pick from several weapon types, it’s not uncommon to have a few skills which require a specific weapon type to use. For example, an arrow barrage skill which requires a character to have a bow equipped, or a heavy swing which...
  12. Soryuju

    State Which Prevents MP Loss?

    I’m interested in making a state which locks the target’s MP to its maximum value for the duration of the state. Is this sort of effect possible to achieve (with or without plugins)? For context, skills don’t cost MP to use in my project, but certain incoming skills may reduce the target’s MP...
  13. Soryuju

    Max HP Modification State - Keep Current HP Proportional?

    I’m making a state which will change an actor’s maximum HP while it’s applied. Adjusting the max value is easy, but I’d like to also keep the actor’s current HP at the same relative percentage from before the state was applied, and also after it expires. So for example: - Harold has 150/200 HP...
  14. Soryuju

    Fox JP Levels: How to use skill notetags properly?

    I’m attempting to implement job levels in my game with Fox’s JP Levels plugin (, but I’m having an issue getting the notetags for skill learning to work properly. In short, everyone is able to learn any skill for any class...
  15. Soryuju

    Yanfly Battle AI Core + Instant Cast

    Is there a way to use Yanfly’s Battle AI Core to make an enemy use multiple actions in one turn under certain conditions? Or is there some workaround to achieve a similar effect? I’m also using Yanfly’s Instant Cast plugin, which would affect some skills which enemies learn, but there’s nothing...
  16. Soryuju

    Passive Ability System

    I'd like to implement a system in my game for assigning actors passive abilities which you acquire over the course of the game (equip/unequip passives at will via the main menu). Ideally, I'd like each passive ability to cost a certain amount of points (the amount would vary by ability) with...
  17. Soryuju

    Yanfly Subclasses: Actor Battle Command Order

    I'm having an issue with Yanfly's Subclass plugin where the order of main/subclass commands in the battle menu seems to be determined by the class ID rather than by which class is the main or subclass. So for example, say I have these classes in my database: 001: Knight 002: Wizard 003: Priest...
  18. Soryuju

    Hime State Damage Modifiers - Hiding Damage Popup

    I'm using Hime's State Damage Modifiers plugin ( to create a state which adds MP damage to a character's physical attacks. I'm using the b.gainMp command to achieve this, but I wanted to know if it's possible within the plugin to hide the MP...
  19. Soryuju

    MP Damage Questions

    Hey all, I've got two questions related to dealing MP damage to a target: 1) How would I go about making skills which simultaneously deal HP and MP damage? 2) This case isn't directly related to the first, but let's say I want to make a State which adds MP damage to a character's attacks. If...
  20. Soryuju

    Controlling Combat Complexity

    "Simple but deep" is a common paradigm of good combat systems in RPGs. We want mechanics which afford players plenty of opportunities to make meaningful decisions, but we don't want to overwhelm them with heaps of different rules to memorize, especially early on. (This applies to the...

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