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  1. GSR

    Breath of Fire Skill Combo

    In Breath of Fire when you combine skills you cast a stronger skill. For example when you use "Burn" with an actor and then use "Sever" with another actor, instead of the "Sever" the last actor will cast "Firewind". Its a cool system and I believe that does not exist one like this at the...
  2. GSR

    Last Skill Used ID

    Is there a way to call the last skill used ID? I want to change a variable value to the last skill used ID. That way I will be able to make combo skills like in Breath of Fire IV, where you use a skill with one actor then another skill with other actor and then the skills combine to make a...
  3. GSR

    GSR Resources

    Hello. TERMS OF USE: free for both Non-Commercial and Commercial Use. CREDIT:  Gabriel dos Santos Rosa (GSR) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ICONS: I made some icons with the same style of the...

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