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  1. Black Mamba

    Rpg maker mv can get information from computer?

    can i make like doki doki literature club, when you progress the game it delete some game files?
  2. Black Mamba

    Keyboard Input Dialog

    Hi Biud, Center is not working, in PC is centered, but in mobile its not
  3. Black Mamba

    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    Degica should hire you to make it oficial! :eswt::esrs: i imagine a tactics system working with it, omg! EDIT: There is no option to Turn Off 3D?
  4. Black Mamba

    Change Tile Size

    Hey Shaz, can you make multiple resolutions n add-on for it? Like use diferent a tileset or parallax for hd fullhd and 4k for example.
  5. Black Mamba

    RMMV RPG Maker MV Battle Royale

    i cant find the link to play
  6. Black Mamba

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    someone plan to make a addon to use it in-map, not in battle?
  7. Black Mamba

    AlphaABS Roguelike Addon

    someone can make a addon to AlphaABS or Chrono Engine. ( to make it compatible with a roguelike system, where enemy only attacks you after you take a action, skill active only after a action, use...
  8. Black Mamba

    Immersion - [#13/10/2019] - 0.2.4

    i only want light system, can i turn of the others features? How can i controls the light with event, like i add a light with in-game editor and later i want to turn it off, or change something
  9. Black Mamba

    Dark Room Covers

    you can use Terrax lighting with regions
  10. Black Mamba

    Pop! Horror City Additions

    OMG! Love it! can you make experience laboratory stuffs?
  11. Black Mamba

    Update on POP!, me, and the future

    where i can get this Sci-fi/Cyberpunk tiles for POP?
  12. Black Mamba

    In-App-Purchases | microtransaction | ADs

    yeah this one thanks! :D
  13. Black Mamba

    EIS - Grid Inventory [Updated: Script Files Available ]

    When i mouse over on my current equips its dont show the names. i cant unequip them
  14. Black Mamba

    Virtual Buttons and DPad

    its happens in title screen, when i press any button. Dpad i just add the button picture
  15. Black Mamba

    In-App-Purchases | microtransaction | ADs

    Cool I ll try his game. If I can do something, watch this ad and gain 100 gold for example
  16. Black Mamba

    In-App-Purchases | microtransaction | ADs

    Hello! im looking for a plugin to achieve in-app purchases, microtransactions and in-game ADs. or can someone make a tutorial to get it
  17. Black Mamba

    Virtual Buttons and DPad

    I got this error this.containsPoint is not a function

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