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  1. daheji

    RMMV Vampire Lord

    - VAMPIRE LORD - Press to talk. Touch to destroy. ~ Play on ~ Far away from the bigger cities of humans, a village nested between two range of mountains is under the threat of the rapidly expanding Desert. The village is also filled with monsters and their leader is the Vampire...
  2. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    Some simple and fast drawings of three sisters, characters from my project Version Fille. This is Oshyni. God created a world for her, yet she can't live in it. Every reincarnation of Oshyni dies young in that world. She has been reborn countless times, keeping memories of her death and knowing...
  3. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    Pasteki, she loves watermelon Some random girl. Sona, in casual clothes. Inspired by an amazing artist :
  4. daheji

    Event RPG Maker 29th Birthday: Release Something Event

    @Archeia Here, a teaser for my game Version Fille: \o/
  5. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    Nanako, in her true phoenix form ! Ikuui is a character of my project Version Fille. Ikuui is also the nickname I use most of the time in online games and I needed an avatar so there it is ! And I made a teaser for the final chapter of Version Fille.
  6. daheji

    The songs that get stuck in your head

    I've traveled around Philippines in November and December, just before Christmas. And every shopping mall had this song on repeat. And people were singing that song in karaoke inside the department store. I'm still humming it today...
  7. daheji

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Some screenshot of my game Version Fille. It's a french game and I'm working on the last chapter of it. It's a city built on a cliff.
  8. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    Veil, the Diamond Dragon, aka "Basic Loli Dragon Priestess". Very powerful, only second to the gods.
  9. daheji


    Is that you ?
  10. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    Vermeil, a Restaurant Owner, isn't an adventurer at all. She enjoys cooking couscous and owns a small restaurant.
  11. daheji

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    You've put a lot of work into this game. From the screenshot and video, it feels eerie and sad. It looks very good visually. Good job on the hand ! And the cemetery looks scary. Good luck. I look forward to the complete game.
  12. daheji

    RMMV Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle II - "Broken Wings" - Out now!

    I like the last one better. Seeing more of her body. Nice drawing by the way.
  13. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    Might have had some inspiration from Amsterdam. -- This is Ayra, the Red Queen. People call her a living legend, loved by the gods. Her hairpin is also a huge H.
  14. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    How does he remind you of your husband ? XD Is he rotten too ?
  15. daheji


    You would be surprised at how much a human body can endure punishment.
  16. daheji

    What's your monitor resolution?

    I'm using two monitor with 1920*1080. So useful to have two screens. One for gaming, making, working, the other for discord, video, web browsing. I could put a third monitor, since I have one rotting in my cellar but I don't have a big enough desk.
  17. daheji


    I work in a restaurant and I had a coffee training. So I know how to make cappucino, latte macchito etc with that delicious foam. There was a time where I used to drink an espresso as soon as I arrive at work. Then when I get a break, I would make a cappucino, then after lunch service, another...
  18. daheji

    Gameisfun's Humble Art Thread

    I really like the outfits of your characters and the expression they have. You already who is the serious type, the happy type or quiet type. Good job !
  19. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    Thanks ! I'll translate Version Fille after I finish making the game. Hopefully, soon enough. -- I'm not used to draw guys. I should do this more often since one of my future projects will be full of male only. This is James, Master of Chains. His outfit is a priest one but don't be deceived...
  20. daheji

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    This game looks very good. The battle system looks unique and fun. Kind of reminds me of Undertale. So far it doesn't look like an RPG Maker game at all ! Good luck !

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