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  1. Solarphantom

    [FROG] Trigger Distance - Fire touch events at a distance

    So just a quick question about it with transfer events. Lets say I have two maps that are 30 x 30. The transfer event on the first map is on x29 y29 (bottom right corner). That transfer event puts you on x0 y29 on the second map (bottom left corner). If I extended the event to cover the entire Y...
  2. Solarphantom

    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Ohh dont worry, I couldn't claim something as small as a pixel as my own if I didn't make it. I was just wondering because if it was a paid license I would probably have to sell my soul lol.
  3. Solarphantom

    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Ok so I have some questions about this plug in. First, Is it free or a paid licensed to use in a project I plan on selling? Would I be able to use the XML to use more than 3 frames for the movement animations or sprites larger than 48x48? I was going to try to make one myself but after my...
  4. Solarphantom

    RMMV My map plan updated(nothing more to add to post)

    Yea, I figured that out pretty quick. I can probably deal with it. Edge transfers would not work to well with my plans as this is one of the continents in the games world and i need to feel kinda open. This game only take place on this one though, im not brave enough to add the other 9 and make...
  5. Solarphantom

    RMMV My map plan updated(nothing more to add to post)

    I already had a large majority of this all done before it broke in unreal. 1000x1000 might actually be too crowded for what I have planned.
  6. Solarphantom

    RMMV My map plan updated(nothing more to add to post)

    EDIT: Now that I have figured out how this will all work together, I just have to work on getting the entire continent done. I have one of the Islands finished as of today. (The example drawing above is just a rough outline of what I had already, kinda.) Here is the Continent my game takes...
  7. Solarphantom

    Need some help understanding MV

    Ok thank god its java script, i was told by a friend it was java. I am used to java script.
  8. Solarphantom

    Need some help understanding MV

    So a few years back, I decided to make a game with VX Ace. Later on I switched over to Unreal, and was having a good time until an update broke 4 years worth of work that I dont have the experience to fix. Now because of that I have decided to come back to the RPG engine because if something...
  9. Solarphantom

    Advanced Battle script

    This is a request for RPG VX ACE. And it is quite difficult, well for me it is atleast. I would love to sell my game so I will pay you for this script. Its a Battle system that would use a 20 frame wide, 40 frame height sprite sheet and can fit eight Allies and Enemies on each side. Here is...
  10. Solarphantom

    Advanced Climate

    BEST WEATHER SCRIPT EVER! no joke, and i just needed to realize that it needed 0 and 1, not 1 and 2? ... soon ill conqure you ruby scripting language >.<
  11. Solarphantom

    Advanced Climate

    well, i tryed repasting the unedited code... and it still gives me the error... im one unlucky sucker
  12. Solarphantom

    Advanced Climate

    i knew it! somthing simple again! thank you! -_- some day these simple errors wont get me
  13. Solarphantom

    Advanced Climate

    i keep getting this error when i try to use this script Script line 167: NoMethodError occured undefined method `size' for nil:NilClass i bet its obvious to, but i suck at this figuring out stuff :/
  14. Solarphantom

    Extended Music Script 3.5

    im gonna need that. lol i have sooo many music files that wont need to be converted anymore. but how do you get mp3s that wont work in RMVX Ace to work? like im trying to put in a song for the credits, but in the sound test it wont play...
  15. Solarphantom

    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    ok you are amazing! thank you for this! this will help in my game. if i ever get all the monsters done -_-
  16. Solarphantom

    Tpasmall's Editorium

    stop making such good sprites!!!!! ive already filled 30gigs of my hard drive by the way, how do i get new tile sets to work? i try to add and it just emptys the list
  17. Solarphantom

    Granny's Lists - Pirate Resources

    wow, you people are amazing! i hope i can get this good befor i go to college for graphic+game design. whats best art program to make sprites with?

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