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  1. BlissAuthority

    How do I make enemies that kill the rest of the enemies when they die?

    I feel like this is an embarrassingly noob question, but still. I have a boss fight against a dragon, which is much harder than it sounds because he's actually four blokes - Arumvorax the Red (the head), Squishy Belly, Hot Wings and Red Tail. Naturally, when you kill the head (good luck with...
  2. BlissAuthority

    Dark, Tan, and Pale RPGMaker DS characters?

    I was wondering if someone had made variants of the DS and DS+ sprites that had and dark and tan skin. Pale skin would be a nice bonus as well. If not, I'd like to formally request some - specifically of a dark and tan Heroine and Elf set, but if anyone has "all of the above" lying around that...
  3. BlissAuthority

    The Prince and the Dragon: A Coming of Age Story

    The Prince and the Dragon a coming of age story   Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Iberia... Link to a screenshot gallery is here. Old images from earlier versions of the game will be spoilered.  I will get the new screenshots up ASAP. The Weary Eye Inn, in the Zehiran town of Mez Al'Emira...
  4. BlissAuthority

    Real-Time combat scripts?

    Could someone point me towards some good scripts for real-time combat? I'm looking for either: 1: a Legend of Zelda style action RPG where you can move and attack freely with equipped abilities/weapons  2: a Secret Of Mana/Fallout Tactics/Tales Of... style script where you can move freely...
  5. BlissAuthority

    Would someone be so kind as to make RTP style faces for these two?

    These are for a free RPGmaker VX Ace project I'm working on, Swann Song. They aren't essential for the game, but all of the other characters have RTP style faces so it would be kind of nice. These characters are meant to be culturally and ethnically Chinese, for the record.  Yes, Chinese...
  6. BlissAuthority

    Can anyone recommend some good modern or post-apoc tilesets for Ace?

    As the topic says.  I have ideas - both Magical Girl inspired ones, and post-apoc ones - but I'd prefer to wait on either until I have good tilesets for those universes.
  7. BlissAuthority

    Five party members and directed stat/ability growth?

    Just got a hold of RPGMaker VX Ace while it was on sale on Steam.  It's a pretty powerful toolset: I was impressed. I am making a game as a birthday present for my brother, and was hoping to add two nonstandard features to an otherwise standard game with scripts. Is there a script out there...

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