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  1. Casia

    Hunger/thirst system

    I've been looking for this kind of a plugin online, and I'm really surprised that I couldn't find a single one for a hunger/thirst system. I'm not looking for anything complex, just a simple plugin that makes each character have hunger and thirst values that deplete over time (or on the basis of...
  2. Casia

    RPG Maker XP-style battle plugin

    Hi, I've been looking for but haven't been able to find an MV plugin that would mimic the battle system of RPG Maker XP. This would be a front view battle system that shows the battler images of the party members at all times. Would be even better if it could support more than four characters...
  3. Casia

    Strange error

    I have a strange problem with my game. Shortly after starting it (after being compressed and installed), it gives out this error message:   And then closes down. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this problem? It doesn't occur in playtesting mode.
  4. Casia

    And We All Lost

    Casia presents...   Those who have played the game Casia know of the tragic backstory of the protagonist, whose parents were both killed in a brutal war. Moreover, the central theme of that game is the artifact known as the Soul Talisman, with the power to raise undeads and lead its wearer to...
  5. Casia

    Choices not in separate window

    If you have several options in the "show choices" command, the choices will be in their separate window, without the previous text box. I was wondering if it's possible to make them show in the same window somehow. So that if there is a NPC saying something and you have four possible options for...
  6. Casia


    I'm having a problem with a custom font. I have edited the Menu script to use a different font for the game, and I have the correct font in the Fonts folder. However, if a computer doesn't have that font installed itself, it becomes mandatory to install the font manually. How can I make the game...
  7. Casia

    Very simple gardening system

    I have been looking for a simple gardening script, but I only keep finding either really complicated ones or otherwise unsuitable scripts. What I'm looking for is the most basic gardening script you can imagine, with seeds and harvest and places to plant them. In an ideal case, the player could...
  8. Casia

    Removing MP display

    A project I have has no MP-based skills with actors, so I would like to remove the MP bar from the menu and battle. How can I do this? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Casia

    Nothing But the Third

    After many months of working on this, I am finally proud to be able to introduce to you my second original game: Nothing But the Third. After the fairly successful launch of Casia, I decided to take on a new project. The end result has little in common with Casia, instead being a completely...
  10. Casia

    Day Night system with switches

    I've been looking for a day/night script for Ace that turns two switches on and off whenever a day becomes night and the other way around. So basically when it's day, a specific switch for dy is on and the night switch is off, and the reverse during the night. I have only found scripts which...
  11. Casia

    Incurable state

    I'm looking for a way to make a state that doesn't get removed while visiting an inn, because it's a disease. Is there a way of doing this? I would like the state to be removable through the "remove state" command though.
  12. Casia

    Time script

    I'm looking for a good time managing script for Ace. I'm specifically looking for a script that can turn on day or night switches, allowing different events to be present during the night than day. I've looked up some scripts, but none of them have the switch function...
  13. Casia

    Weird sound before music

    I have a strange problem, that is quite annoying. I'm using MP3-files as music in my game. Everytime before an MP3 starts playing, there's this strange "click" sound. If you wait for the music to loop, it will make that click again. It is quite a loud sound and will hurt your ears if you use...
  14. Casia

    Removing and adding menu commands

    For a veteran scripter this is probably an easy task, but I am left stupified by the question... I have bestiary and quest log scripts and I'd really like them to be accessible from the menu. On the other hand, I don't need the save option since I use save points. How could I remove and add...
  15. Casia

    What is wrong with this script?

    Hi, I use a very cool hunger/thirst script for my game. It calculates how long the player has been without consuming certain food items and if that time grows too long, it adds states like hungry, thirsty, starving and dehydrated. The latter two cause slip damage. The problem I'm having with...
  16. Casia


    Casia presents...   Casia is an open-world game project that I have been developing for years. It is a game with preset settings and characters, but you decide how you progress in the game, what decisions you make and so on. This game is all about exploration and freedom of choice...
  17. Casia

    Full Screen script problem

    I'm having a problem with a script that adds a Full Screen option in the main menu. When I try to open the game, this message pops up: Script 'Full Screen' line 80: SyntaxError occured. unexpected ',', expecting keyword_end ... 'user32.dll', 'keybd_event', , 'v' #Recognizes keyboard Here is...

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