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  1. FREE [HELP WANTED - All Positions] Chronicles of Orbis: Within These Walls

    Hey I would like to join your project it sounds quite interesting I have been looking for a project to join for a while even though I am new i want to better myself and actually put my name out there with a project. Even if I can only help a little i would still like to help a little I like...
  2. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Okay i have completed this part of the map It may look disgusting but i want to know if it has any flaws
  3. FREE Harry Potter (and the Sorcerer's Stone) Game

    The requesting other students to a duel sounds interesting although it is strange the school would allow that... It could also be like pokemon trainer encounters Well harry potter has a multitude of "Fantastic Beasts" but few of them would really be wizard killers unless it has 5 x's But some...
  4. FREE Harry Potter (and the Sorcerer's Stone) Game

    Are you still working on the project? Your account does not seem very active Even if I can not join your team i still think this project sounds great and am eager to see it progress
  5. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I actually am currently trying out the lite version to see if it is worth buying and the lite version does not have those animations i think
  6. TRADE Silverdale

    Hello, I may be new but i enjoy mapping and i have been looking for a project to better myself I have also written stories in my own language and i can try here too.
  7. FREE Seeking Mapper

    Hello I quite enjoy mapping even if im new at it and i have been looking for a project to join and to better myself. If The position is still open i would be interested.
  8. FREE The Shadow Dance [RMMV]

    Hello If you still require the need of a writer or a mapper i would be interested. I have wrote a few stories and a few comics but sadly i wrote them in my native language and not english. But i can write some comedic dialouge or descriptons.
  9. TRADE Anyone good at mapping?

    Do you have the need for any more mappers?
  10. FREE Seeking Mapper

    Do you still need a mapper?
  11. Available mappers? Willing to trade :)

    Hello Do you have any need for more Mappers?
  12. FREE Harry Potter (and the Sorcerer's Stone) Game

    Hello If A mapping position is available I would be interested in it I am quite new but i have been searching for a project to best myself and get renown on the rpg maker community. I am acquaintedwith the harry potter series so that should not be too much of a problem. I think this project...
  13. FREE Aetheria (Recruiting Spriter)

    Hello. If the position is still open i would be interested. I may be new but i have enjoyed the creation of maps in rpg maker. I have been looking for a project to join.
  14. FREE Mapper Needed

    Hello Is the position still open? Is the project still active?
  15. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    So i fixed the errors and improved the shading? Does it look better with a rocky or non rocky bottom? Is it too wild? And are there any good tilesets that i could use to improve my project or anything else i could use?
  16. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    I am just starting out and used a tutorial to help me with my first map. I know it looks ugly as heck. But still how bad is it for a first map. And what could i do to improve it.

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