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  1. Ryuk

    Command Buff in Skill

    Hello. First of all, I use all the plugins of Yanfly, (and of MoG / Galv, but they have no effect on my question.) Plugins concerned : Buff & States Core/Battle Engine Core I guess What I'm searching : Skill which up ATK +50% for example with command. - The only way to add a stats buff is to...
  2. Ryuk

    [Solved]Change some battle options

    Good evening, I searched everywhere but I did not find what I'm looking for, so maybe one of you has an idea. In the combat options, when I press left key, it switch menu on the "Party Menu" with: Escape, Fight, ..., but if I press right key, it makes me the action "wait" . (I use Yanfly...
  3. Ryuk

    Yanfly Buff States Core problem

    Hello, I have a problem with this plugin, I only use Yanfly plugins in the site of his site, about the list of what I use. - For starters, when "ROW" gives states, do not have the lap counter that appears for limited states. - The second problem, I saw and read that we could display the...
  4. Ryuk

    Tutorial Windows Light Request

    Hi, i didn't find tutorial which explain how make windows light in house, or interior, so if someone can explain me how do it on PhotoShop or Gimp, or if you have an video to do it, i'm happy ! I want do something like this :  With Windows and Lantern. Thank you!
  5. Ryuk

    Artwork for actor3_7

    Hi, I wonder if someone had made an artwork of actor 3-7 , or if a person could do it because i use burst menu, and i need this artwork :/ Your name will be in the game credits
  6. Ryuk

    Replace Option by Quit

    Hi, i don't know if i need a plugin, but i wanted to replace in begin menu when your start your game Option by Quit :) to leave the game, Where i can change it? Thank you !
  7. Ryuk

    Some Requests

    Hi guys, i need some help to make an Title for the screen when the game is start with menu (New game, Continue ect...) so i need someone to help me or explain me how i can do it. If you have some site/tuto to start with Gimp/PhotoShop ect... Or if someone can explain me some details... Well, so...
  8. Ryuk

    Icon Area?

    Hi guys, i wonder something, i want add an icon beside name of map when you enter, it's possible or needed plugin? 
  9. Ryuk

    New Type for Item

    New Type For Item   Terms of use You can use this pluggin for free or commercial utility. You can add me in Crédit but not necessary.   Actually Version :  Version 1.0.1    Older Version :  Version 1.0.0 Add "Loot" Menu.      New Version: 1.0.1   Introduction This plugin add between 1-6...
  10. Ryuk

    Resources Requests

    Hi guy, first at all, i'm sorry for my bad english ... ^^' Well, i search many things if it's possible : Resource Type: Picture/FaceSet/SV Monster Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV Side View Description: FaceSet for Actor 3_7 with Picture FaceSet for Package 2_3  FaceSet for SF Actor 2_6...
  11. Ryuk

    New Category Object

    Hi, first, i'm sorry for my bad english, i'm French and i'm learning. Then, now, the subject, i wonder if it's possible to create a new type of object ( like Key Object, Secret Object A/B ....) because, actually i used Secret Object A/B to create 2 news category with itemId 2 and 3. But i can...

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