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  1. marcelox

    IG Maker and RPG Maker, are resources commercially usable from one to another?

    Hi, I have purchased IG Maker with downloaded it's free resources kit and I have purchased RPG Maker MV and I plan on buying RPG Maker 2003.  Can I use the resources from the RPG Maker MV and 2003 on a commercial game made on the IG Maker? Also, can I use the free resources kit that was made...
  2. marcelox

    The Royal Petals of Greenrose (R.P.G.) Alpha 3+

    Hi, Wife and I have been working our butts off since the launch of MV (never used RPG Maker before) and I am done with an enhanced version of the third alpha of The Royal Petals of Greenrose (R.P.G.) I made an android and web version, but those run horribly (one requires a strong...
  3. marcelox

    Exporting to flash fails, but normal PC exporting doesn't

    Seeing as how my topic was not responded by the support staff, I figured I put it in the wrong forums, so here is almost the same post that is in the IG forums: Hi, I followed the tutorial on exporting to flash. So the java / flex is taken care of. When I try to export my bigger game, it gets...
  4. marcelox

    YEP Core Engine update moved all my troops and limited how low they can go

    Hi, I've been using the core engine that came with the rpg maker mv and my game was coming along nicely, except the android version, so to fix a certain problem, I had to update the YEP Core Engine to the latest version. Now all my enemies (troops) are notcibly higher than they were before...
  5. marcelox

    Anyone know how to make Skills in Database show target name in the battle log?

    Hi, I'm making skills in the Database and I need some help with the Message coding. Normally a cure spell would have this in the Message part: casts %1! which says "...casts Cure!" in the battle But I want to make something like: casts %1 and (blank) recovers HP! and I want (blank) to say...
  6. marcelox

    Android Faded Black/White + Enemy Encounter Screen issue with 720 resolution

    Hi, My port of my android alpha of the game works and all that, but whenever I have the screen fade to black/white or whenever there is a battle that starts, 33% of the screen on the left stays as whatever was on the screen before the fading/battle started. Then once it's done, the game goes...
  7. marcelox

    Making a party member not appear in battle mode (SV)

    Hi I need some help with something that I can't seem to figure out. Is there anyway to code some party members to never appear in combat. Like you can have the traditional 4 person party when walking around, but person number 3 never joins the battle when aggroed, doesn't even graphically...
  8. marcelox

    MP that's over 1,000 will not show MP limit in battle

    For example lvl99 has 1,070 MP and lvl30 has 430MP 2 person party in battle mode lvl99 person on MP it says      1,070 while on lvl30 person it says    430/430 It won't say the max MP, just the current if it goes over 1,000, yet HP that does over 1,000 does not have this problem. MP shows...
  9. marcelox

    The art of previous RPG Makers in MV, commercially legal?

    You know how you can commercially sell the games you make with MV. What's the rule with using enemies from other RPG Maker games? For example, if I buy RPG Maker 2000 and I like the enemy art better, can I use that art on my MV game and still sell it?
  10. marcelox

    6th party member not becoming 5th when 5th leaves party

    Hi, I see that we can add special traits to our party members like double gold and whatnot. So I had an idea. I have a 5 person party, 4 at all times and different 5th characters come and go. I have the battle system set up for 5 characters in battle. However I want to add a sixth character but...
  11. marcelox

    5 Questions. I need some help please.

    Hi, I have some questions, rather than have them everywhere, I figured I'd combine them in this topic: 1. I would like to add options, or better yet a common event, as an option in the main menu. Anyone know how to add things to the main menu? (I've seen screenshots of people with this, so I...
  12. marcelox

    Exporting to flash errors

    Hi, I followed the tutorial on exporting to flash. So the java / flex is taken care of. When I try to export my bigger game, it gets about 20% done and the IG Maker freezes. I tried this both on a windows 7 and 8 machine. When I try to export my much smaller game, it gets to 100% and then an...
  13. marcelox

    Additional Vehicles

    Hi, I see that we have 3 slots for vehicles in the Database/System, but I want to use a canoe, ship, airship, raft and hot air balloon. Are we limited to just 3 or is there some way to increase it to 5 vehicles? Thanks :)
  14. marcelox

    Default Window Position

    Really quick question: You know when you add dialogue, place a chest or do anything else that uses a window, the window position is always set to bottom by default. However, I intend on using only TOP for the entire game. Is there a way to change the default window position to automatically be...
  15. marcelox

    Events resetting when returning to map where event was located

    Hi, having too much fun making this game but I came across something I didn't expect. I have events in my overworld and the dungeons. However whenever I leave any map and the go back into it, All events that were completed are all back. For example, I have 2 NPCs on the overworld. One gives you...
  16. marcelox

    After Resolution Change, Super Long Text Windows

    Hi, I did the resolution change to bring it up to 720, but now all the text windows are the length of the screen and all the text I put in the game is all to the left of the screen and it looks terrible. I'm trying to figure out how to reduce the text window size so it matches the default size...
  17. marcelox

    Floor Damage

    Hi, I'm new to RPG Maker and I just got the MV one that was just released. I'm having a blast making a RPG of my own, but I am stuck on something. I want to reduce the damage when you walk on damage floors from 10HP damage to 1HP damage. I have searched online, but due to the game being so new...

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