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  1. Ptolam

    Basic Window with Text is not working

    I'm still learning how RMMV is working and I created a basic window like this (mostly inspired by Window_Gold) : function Window_RumbleSkillList() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); }; Window_RumbleSkillList.prototype = Object.create(Window_Base.prototype)...
  2. Ptolam

    Multiple hits and damage formulas

    Hi, I'm using Yanfly Target Core and BOB Custom Stats plugins to build my basic attack skill. It hits multiple times, based on the user's attack speed. For that part, I kind of succeed, with something like that : <Custom Target Eval> var hits = Math.ceil(user.vitatk); var lastHit = user.vitatk...
  3. Ptolam

    NeMV - State Resources

    Yes, I did it directly in-game, but I found why it didn't work : I was using a plugin to skip my title on PlayTest. For some reason, they don't work together (maybe it flags in-game battle as battle-test). Anyway, thanks for your quick reply. :)
  4. Ptolam

    NeMV - State Resources

    Hi, I'm trying to use this plugin to build a state that stacks with every basic attack command, up to five times. In my state (ID 21) I wrote this : And this in my Attack skill :  When I try it, AutoPassive is working but that's all. The number doesn't increase and nothing seems...

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