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  1. Musashi

    Class Items

    Class Items v1.0 Musashii Introduction: Specify items to be used or affect only certain classes   How to Use: Read plugin's Help. Notetags: <classItem: id><onlyAffect: id> Plugin:   Terms of Use: Free for commercial and non-commercial use.   Credit and Thanks...
  2. Musashi

    Drop Items Conditions

    Drop Items Conditions v1.03 Musashii Introduction: Allows you to define conditions for certain items to drop using formulas.   How to Use: Use the notetag <DropRestriction: formula> inside Items, Weapons or Armors notes. You can also change/set/cancel drop conditions for determined enemies...
  3. Musashi

    Reserve Members Exp Rate

    Reserve Members Exp Rate Musashii Introduction: By default, enabling exp for reserve members will give them 100% of the exp, with this plugin you can set a different rate. How to Use: Name the plugin file NewBenchRate (Case Sensitive) and edit the parameters in the Plugin Manager. Plugin...
  4. Musashi

    [IGMC 2015] Memory is a Time Machine

      Memory is a Time Machine   "In a place forgotten by time, where the day blends into the night, the winter never goes away and people never die, the arrival of a mysterious young man with the ability to manipulate time can change everything. Along with Fate, a local musician, they try to figure...
  5. Musashi

    Creating Memorable Villages

    Tutorial Creating Memorable Villages              My Village Once you finish filling out the map, finalize it as usual. Make your light effects, fogs, color corrections, etc.   Now players can have fun on the giant tree in the village square (kind of hard to do that using the RTP!), with the...
  6. Musashi

    Mapping Tips - Ground Levels

    Mapping Tips: Ground Levels   Working with different ground levels may be advantageous for several reasons, one of them being the ability to fill your maps, avoiding that common appearance of empty. So let's try to apply this in our RPG Maker games! English is not my first language, please let...

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