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  1. robhr

    I don't think I've posted my music here...

    These three are from my minimal techno project... This one is from my experimental ambient project... These four are for the soundtrack of the RPG I'm making...
  2. robhr

    Art that changed your life.

    It could be film, music, literature, anime, manga, whatever... What is some art that changed your life? Music wise, Pavement and early Modest Mouse turned me into an indie kid, and then Boards of Canada came along and introduced me to experimental music. I'm not so indie rock anymore, still...
  3. robhr

    Accidental genius

    Does it ever happen to you? It happens all the time for me. Like two thirds of every brilliant thing I come up with, I come up with accidentally. For instance, I'll write out various parts without realizing and they come together perfectly. Or I'll get an interest in things without realizing how...
  4. robhr

    Post your desktop

    I just got a new computer and am all excited about my desktop so I have to show everybody. You can post your's too I guess.
  5. robhr

    Mazes in dungeons

    As a kid I was really in to drawing mazes. Got real good at it. I got to thinking that maybe I could design my dungeons as mazes and channel my old talents. Do you think that would get annoying? Like, what if maybe I set the encounter rate real low? What do you think? Mazes and puzzles, I think...
  6. robhr

    One of my short stories...

    I can't share most of my stories 'cause they're very R rated, but this one is pretty tame. Also my non-fiction is way better than my fiction, but I shouldn't share that either. The Basement Chapter One You know what they say about curiosity and the cat. Though it can be hard not to be curious...
  7. robhr

    I want to become an anime nerd...

    Right now all I have is Akira and Ghost in the Shell... I saw this one awhile back that I loved called Jin-Roh. Also love the Studio Ghibli stuff. Also loved Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon as a kid. So where do I go from here? I like art house, surreal and/or intelligent stuff. [edit: Oh yeah and I...
  8. robhr

    My photography.

    These are my favourite shots out of all my photography...
  9. robhr

    Your favourite music.

    Bit of a music nerd myself. I always love discussing people's taste. Particularly if they have underground taste. So what are your favourite musicians? Mine, in order, are... Boards of Canada, Tim Hecker, Jetone, Steve Reich, Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Autechre...
  10. robhr

    Anybody good at making little animated gif characters?

    Like the kind you'd use in an RPG Maker game, but I only need front facing. I'd like a little animated GIF of me for my website and avatars. I'll pay you 50 bucks Canadian, that's probably, like... 40 bucks American? Of course I'd have to see your previous work before we make the deal, and if...
  11. robhr

    RMMV Messiah

    [edit: Ack sorry, I guess I should have read the rules before I posted. This one is only in the idea stages. Sorry!] This is in pre-development, so I have no screenshots or gameplay samples yet. Also this is really just the bones of the story. Once I start writing ideas tend to fall into place...
  12. robhr


    My name is Rob. I was first introduced to RPG Maker with the first console one on the PS... Like, 15 or 16 years ago. I tinkered with 2k3 a little bit but now I'd like to get serious with whatever the best new engine is... I'm assuming MV? Also I plan on getting Fes for the 3DS later this month...

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