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  1. TimmyTheNerd

    How would you do a Legend of Mana 'Land Make' system?

    I've been playing a lot of Legend of Mana lately, my favorite JRPG on the PS1. In it, it has a system they call the 'Land Make' system. As you play through the games, you get artifacts. You can then place these artifacts on the World Map and they become new Towns, Dungeons or Fields. This allows...
  2. TimmyTheNerd

    I have an idea, not sure how to implement it.

    I've been playing a lot of Legend of Mana lately, my favorite JRPG on the PS1. In it, it has a system they call the 'Land Make' system. As you play through the games, you get artifacts. You can then place these artifacts on the World Map and they become new Towns, Dungeons or Fields. This allows...
  3. TimmyTheNerd

    Got MV battler resources instead of VXAce ones.

    So, after attempting to buy Hibiki Katakura's Monsters Vol.2 through the webstore and having my card regetted three times, I went onto Steam and bought the version of the pack available to VX Ace. Normally, Hibiki's resources, since Lords of Darkness and Monsters Vol.1, come with VX Ace and MV...
  4. TimmyTheNerd

    Event switching another Event Off?

    Making my own thread because I'm not sure if it's a beginner thing or an advance thing. In my game, I want it so you recruit two party members, Ashlyn and Helena, through the same Event. Both party members appear as their own Event/Sprite. Either one you talk two triggers the same conversation...
  5. TimmyTheNerd

    2 different issues with Yanfly Battle Engine and Yami Battle Symphony

    NOTE: Not having any conflict problems, the scripts are working fine together and playing nice. For the Yanfly Battle Engine. Using version 1.22 with Enemy HP Bars version 1.10: Okay, so I'm not using the standard iconset, but one of the ones from PVG for the High Fantasy stuff. The result is...
  6. TimmyTheNerd

    Remaster versions for the VX Ace stuff?

    Anyone know if this is going to happen? I like the remastered HF1 pack. Was wondering if HF2 and The Deep would be getting the same treatment.
  7. TimmyTheNerd

    RPG Maker VX Ace - Charset Edit

    Resource Type: Charset Edit Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: RTP? Description: I bought Katakura Hibiki's Monsters Vol. 1 because it came with resources for VX as well. The resources include battlers, face sets and pictures for two actors from MV, which I do not own. Since I don't own...
  8. TimmyTheNerd

    Katakura Hibiki Style Battlers + Other

    Resource Type: Battlers Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Katakura Hibiki Description: Looking for more battlers that match Hibiki's style nad serve as generic enemies. Things like goblins, animals and other generic RPG monsters.   Reference Images: Other: He also made a resource...
  9. TimmyTheNerd

    Having problems with optimized equipment.

    So, some of the heavier weapons and armor in my game give a penalty to AGI. I think this penalty is why, when choosing optimize, the weapons and armor are removed and not replaced with new weapons or armor of my type. Is there any way to fix this without removing the AGI penalty?
  10. TimmyTheNerd

    Is this character select screen possible in RPG Maker VX Ace?

    More or less the first 10 seconds of the video. I was wondering if something like that can be done in RPG Maker VX Ace, or at least something similar. Where it shows a good size image of the selectable characters and you can switch between them.
  11. TimmyTheNerd

    Battlers that match Katakura Hibiki's style

    I own Katakura Hibiki's Fantasy Hero, Dark Hero and Lords of Darkness packs for use with RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm looking for battlers that go well with the ones in the packs, since I'm using the Dark Heroes and Lords of Darkness as bosses and would like the lesser enemies to match up with them...
  12. TimmyTheNerd

    Are resources missing from the Dark Hero Character Pack?

    I've had Katakura Hibiki's Dark Hero Character Pack on Steam for at least a little over a year now, but never bothered with it. This was until recently when I started my One Month Game Making challenge and decided to use it for some of the bosses (Along with Katakura Hibiki's Lords of Darkness...
  13. TimmyTheNerd

    What do you think of this class system?

    I know the system I am utilizing in my game is pretty simple. It utilizes the Yanfly Class scripts (Class System, Class Specific and Class Unlock) in order to make it work. I'm going to be using the main character of the game (the one the player steps into the shoes of) to show an example of it...
  14. TimmyTheNerd

    RPG Maker VX Ace without Steam?

    I purchased RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam when it was on sale around two years ago. Recently, my computer I was making my game on broke. Now I am utilizing my grandmother's computer. However, her computer doesn't have enough free diskspace for BOTH Steam and RPG Maker VX Ace. I was wondering if...
  15. TimmyTheNerd

    RPG Maker MV is not a valid Win32 Application

    Just finished installing the RPG Maker MV trial, doing trial to test it before I commit to buying it and/or transfering my VX Ace project to it. I haven't had the touch to even mess around with the program yet because when I click to open the file, I get a message saying it is not a valid Win32...
  16. TimmyTheNerd

    Looking for an Opinion

    My girlfriend is an inspiring author whose been helping me flush out the story of the game I've been working on for some time. Well, she found out about something called National Novel Writing Month. This is what she sent me: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants...
  17. TimmyTheNerd

    Player Housing

    So, what are your opinions on player housing? I'm considering implementing it in my game and was wondering what the community thinks about it.
  18. TimmyTheNerd

    Low-Stat Game

    I'm making a low stat game, trying to stimulate a pnp RPG type feeling in Legends of Gaia-Sol. An example: Starting Stats: Class: Mage HP:60 (Mages/Wizards/Sorcerors generally get 1d6 HP. All I did was take the highest possible roll and multiply by ten.)) MP:4 (All spells cost mp equal to its...
  19. TimmyTheNerd

    My Creative Process

    Sorry, I don't know how to put it in spoilers. If someone can tell me, thanks. I forgot how. >_> Anyways, this is going to a thread showing how I design dungeons, towns and fields before adding them into the game. This first one is for Ironfist Mine, a dwarve mine in the game I'm making.
  20. TimmyTheNerd

    Two-Handed Weapons

    Right, I searched and couldn't find any threads requesting a script like this. So, I'm assuming this hasn't been requested before but I may be wrong. I have a character class in my game that can wield 1 handed weapons, 2 handed weapons a shield. The issue I have, is that it doesn't make sense...

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