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  1. TheWhiteRose000

    Don't suppose there is any progress on mode 7? :D

    Don't suppose there is any progress on mode 7? :D
  2. TheWhiteRose000

    Terrax Lighting system

    Is it possible this would be compatible with this. I want to be able to create a lanturn on my characters in dark area's at night. So the area around them is lit up.
  3. TheWhiteRose000

    Mini Map

    Awwwww yeaaaaaaaa, I can't wait for this to get updated more, my game is looking even more kickass! (the tileset we made was inspired by FF6, Can you tell? xD)
  4. TheWhiteRose000

    Code for rewards

    I think he is talking about like, shift keys for Borderlands. Here is a golden key you can unlock this chest now.
  5. TheWhiteRose000

    Firgof's CRT Monitor Effect

    I honestly would love this in my game but it zooms in and that doesn't work for me. XD
  6. TheWhiteRose000

    Battler Distance

    Thanks Ex-Death!
  7. TheWhiteRose000

    Battler Distance

    I am using the SV battlers and After scaling the game to 1080p I am now trying to put the battlers a fair distance apart to make it look better. How do I go about doing this? I am using the default YEP_BattleEngine core for it.  
  8. TheWhiteRose000

    Changing Font

    I did what you said for the. @font-face { font-family: GameFont; src: url("FONT NAME GOES HERE.ttf"); src: url("mplus-1m-regular.ttf"); } But it still doesn't want to load the font I have picked. Is there a reason why it doesn't work, something I'm missing or overlooking? Edit: Got it...
  9. TheWhiteRose000

    Changing Font

    Its in the fonts, and I copy and paste the exact name from the file into the text area.
  10. TheWhiteRose000

    Changing Font

    Tried that, game just tries loading and I get a error message with every font I use. and I do keep the .ttf at the end.
  11. TheWhiteRose000

    Changing Font

    How do I change the font in RPGmaker MV? I want to set my font to something like this as a example. For the title menu, as well as in the game in general. Pictures would be helpful as I am a visual learner. XD...
  12. TheWhiteRose000

    Change Hero Battler Positions?

    I am trying to figure out how to increase the distance between each battler. Is there a way to do that?
  13. TheWhiteRose000

    Does anyone plan to make a Mode 7 script?

    Who said that?
  14. TheWhiteRose000

    Script Requests

    Sorry was half asleep when I wrote this, I want to use MOG's battle HUDs is what I was trying to say.
  15. TheWhiteRose000

    Script Requests

    Would it be possible for someone to put together the following scripts. Custom Battle HUD (adaptable to MOG's huds designs.) Vlue's Steal Script Khaz's Lighting Script Mog Weather. I know Mode 7 is being worked on at the moment so I am already set for that. If I can get these four scripts...
  16. TheWhiteRose000

    Lighting Script MV

    Does anyone know where to find a Lighting script for MV? Like Khas lighting? I want port my game to MV but I am missing five scripts in total to do it. Mode 7 Khas Lighting Steal script Mog Weather EX Menu customization for battle.
  17. TheWhiteRose000


    What is his name on the forum again, and his website I can't find it anymore. xD
  18. TheWhiteRose000

    Final Fantasy Sprites - Off Limits

    Squares official statement to me was due to copyright and trademark issues its not possible to use sprites that look visually similar to theirs.
  19. TheWhiteRose000

    Final Fantasy Sprites - Off Limits

    They are our own creation though, if you want do a overlay with the original terra sprite to mine and you can actually see a difference. Its just some things look similar because of the style we were going for.
  20. TheWhiteRose000

    Final Fantasy Sprites - Off Limits

    Yea, noticed that myself and will probably go back and revise her.

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