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  1. Lynvia

    RMMV Bible Girl and the Jungle of Confusion

    Bible Girl and the Jungle of Confusion DISCLAIMER - As the name implies, this game contains a significant amount of religious, and specifically evangelical Christian content. The main purpose of the game is to get a clear understanding of biblical verse memorization and application in an...
  2. Lynvia

    Rainbow Puzzle and Comparing Variables

    I'm having trouble with a Parallel event that controls a puzzle room in my game. The floor is marked in multiple colors and each color is a region (R1..R6) moving from Red to Purple. The object is to follow the rainbow, or only move from red to orange to yellow etc. A parallel event checks the...
  3. Lynvia

    Walking Dead (Followers KO'd or DEAD that keep walking)

    Probably a basic question answered elsewhere, so my apologies if it was, because this seems quite basic. I've searched the whole forums and only found a couple VX Ace questions about this. When I have a party member (or the leader) KO'd or dead state, when returning to the map, their follow...
  4. Lynvia

    Forcing Victory in Battle?

    The basic premise of battle in my game is twofold - in one scenario, you have a conversation with the enemy, and select skills to answer their statements. When you are done answering the questions, I would like to execute a script statement or something to force victory, but looking through the...
  5. Lynvia

    Common Event from a Skill, invoking a switch?

    I'm not getting a common event to fire, when executing a skill that fires that common event. Explanation and screen shots below, hopefully. The game I'm working on involves having the player walk up to an event, which has a conversation with them, each time the event speaks, it's a lie, which...
  6. Lynvia

    Lynvia's Graphics Stop - Tall Sprite and Dragon Generator Parts etc

    Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Lynvia and Kadokawa as much of this is edits of RTP, also HiddenOne for the tall sprites Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free, I'd like a free copy of your game! Repost: No, but you can put a link to this topic. Edits: allowed, but PM me. I'd like to include other...
  7. Lynvia

    Yanfly's Animated Weapons, issue and request?

    I am using RMMV with Yanfly's Core, Battle Engine, Animated SV Enemies, and Animated Weapons, with the 3 Animated SV addons. The battlers in my game will use the same weapon for multiple swordfighting moves, including swing and thrust.  I expected that though I could use the SV Weapon...
  8. Lynvia

    Party Selector to turn on via Item Activation

    I've looked through existing RGSS3 scripts here, but don't really see what I'm looking for. Before I decide to settle for a party chooser that doesn't necessarily fit what I'm looking for, I wanted to drop a query here and see if anybody has a solution I didn't see, or someone is looking for a...
  9. Lynvia

    Hello from an author/songwriter

    So, finally taking the plunge and introducing myself... One sentence, I'm a 50+yo Christian programmer RPG gamer songwriter novelist. Not necessarily all in that order. I am an avid gamer of old RPG who also happens to be an author, got two books published so far, four written, which you can...
  10. Lynvia

    RMVXAce Formula for taking MP and transferring to an ally

    My apologies if this has been submitted elsewhere... I'm working on trying to set up a Skill called 'Take and Give' that takes MP from all enemies and spreads it evenly to all allies, including the caster. The skill would be double the MAT of the caster for the 'MP Absorb' damage. Anyone done...

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