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  1. BigTaro

    Movie for BattleBack

    Hi, I am currently using Hime_ChangeBattleback to change battle backgrounds mid-battle, but I was wondering if it was possible somehow to change the battle background to a movie.  For example: Skill X -> Starts a common event that turns background into movie, then attack animation plays at...
  2. BigTaro


    Hello everyone.  I recently started posting to this forum (although I've had an account for quite a while).  It seems that all my posts are being held in a moderator queue.  Do you know how to get them un-moderated? I am attempting to submit bug reports for all of the new RMMV plugins out there...
  3. BigTaro

    Issue with Yanfly's BattleStatusWindow and TouchUI.js

    Hi, There seems to be an issue related to using both Yanfly's Battle Status Window (YEP_BattleStatusWindow.js) v1.04 and the TouchUI.js that came included in the steam version of RMMV while running on Android via the crosswalk accelerated webview.  If those two plugins are enabled together...

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