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  1. Ilan14

    Demon Tail for the Character Generator (SV, TV, TVD and Variation)

    So I was thinking, since we have already demon horns and demon wings for the generator made by both the community and the RPG Maker MV developers, but I noticed that we still don't have something resembling a demon tail. So I want to ask if there's someone who could make the generator parts for...
  2. Ilan14

    Underwear Colours for Character Generator (Male and Female)

    Is there a chance that someone could please make a resource that allows changing the colour of the underwear in the generator? Because it feels pretty weird for all the generated characters to have the same black underwear in my opinion, and I remember VX Ace's generator to have that choice...
  3. Ilan14

    A New GameMaker In The Forums

    Hi everyone, I'm Ilan14! I already have an account in, but since I always come here for resources and the occasional game, I thought I might as well make an account here. :P So well! Nice to meet you all, and you might see more of me in the future! (Or not. XD)

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