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  1. Insert imagens and it's position

    Hi. How can I insert images in the game in a way that it can be centralized in the screen? And how can I adjust the same?
  2. Run animation

    Greetings. So, what I have to do for the events for my game use the "run animation" of mastersheet? Could you guys give me a hand?
  3. Combat in the game map

    Hello once again! So, lately, in order to invest in the game's realism I've been struggling to make the battles run it in the map that the player is in already, without pausing it, or having to move for another battle map or whatever. You see, I want to make then take place where the action is...
  4. ATB system

    Hello again, my people. For the first time I'm using an ATB combat system, from Yanfly, in a project. The thing is that I'm a novice and I didn't get it how to configure it yet. I got all the plugins that's been required and it's activated, but when a I set a test battle anything changes from...
  5. Resolution

    Hello! Does anybody know if there is anyhow to chance the resolution IN game? And what is the one that fits better than the others?
  6. Remove/Add all party sprites

    Hi! I would like to know how to remove every image of all my party members, not only one at a time, and then add it again all at once.

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