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  1. Sacrifyx

    Trying to make an armor...

    Hey all, I'm trying to make a piece of armor that when equipped will cut the actor's max HP in half, increase MAT and MDF by half, and use HP instead of MP to cast spells. Naturally when unequipping it, HP, MAT and MDF would have to return to normal levels. Anyone know of a way to do this...
  2. Sacrifyx

    Need to remove entire inventory on death

    Hey all, I'm looking for a way to remove my character's inventory on death. Just take it and throw it into the void. I've got the gold part handled, but I'm not seeing a way to remove everything else. Conditional branches aren't ideal as the game is heavily loot dependent, I'd have 20 million...
  3. Sacrifyx

    NPC won't talk to me

    Super n00b problem here, but I can't figure it out. I have an NPC that when you click on him, he talks. Except this one doesn't. The character faces away from the player initially and the start of the conversation is him wrapping up another conversation, he then turns down and talks to the...
  4. Sacrifyx

    Need to event 1 time use weapons sort of

    So I'm working on a space project at the moment. In it you can add parts to your ship to increase capabilities. In particular, I'm trying to figure out how to work fighter wings. On your main ship, you can add a fighter bay which will give you one wing of fighters. You can add a hangar bay to...
  5. Sacrifyx

    Battle animations on front view enemy battlers

    Hey all, This question has been asked quite a few times for various reasons. The main answer seems to be to use Yanfly's plugin, but I'm not trying to animate the battlers themselves, only to get them to play the battle animations I assigned to them when they attack. The battle animation plays...
  6. Sacrifyx

    Looking for a partner to make this project shine

    Hey all, I'm looking for someone interested in helping out with a basically complete project. No mapping, spriting, scripting or animation skills required, but I do need someone with a good eye for making a long journey "fun". My project has been in a 'completed' state for some time now, but...
  7. Sacrifyx

    Twin Hearts Saga, Volume 1

    ] Now for RMMV!! Download here: MV Version: This is the final version barring any bugs. I've gone over it with a fine tooth comb and corrected a number of issues so it should be smooth sailing. VXA Version (In a...

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