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  1. lerugray

    Where to start for creating Custom Battle System

    Hello All I have a finished set of combat rules I would like to use instead of the standard sequence that RPG maker uses, it's much closer to the original Wizardy style games. I know a little bit of JS and have just recently started learning, but can code a bit in python and understand most...
  2. lerugray

    Help with Choices that depend on switches.

    Hi all So another member was helping me with a character creation engine, ive been understanding most of it but im a little clueless as to what to do here Within the show choice, I would want to basically have a class choice be available if a switch is on and unavailable if off, but I am not...
  3. lerugray

    Character Generator Question

    Hello all, in the interest of not bombarding one member with tons of questions, I figured I would ask for help here. Gracious member Traveling Bard came up with this logic for setting events for a character generation idea I had, below is the logic. As of right now I've been putting these...
  4. lerugray

    Can a conditional branch check 2 data types?

    Hi Similar to an 'and' function when testing for truthiness. I am wondering, if multiple things are true within a conditional branch for example: variable a = 3 If variable a is >= 1, show alpha If variable a is >= 2, show alpha and bravo If variable a is >= 3, show alpha, bravo, and...
  5. lerugray

    RMMV Of Blood & Iron - An Isometric Wizardry6 Style Dungeon Crawler

    Of Blood & Iron An isometric 3D style simple dungeon crawler made using FPLE for MV Please note, I copy pasted these notes from my design document, I believe the fulfill the requirements for Mechanics and Characters, it was just otherwise a pain to figure out how to chop it apart. This design...
  6. lerugray

    How to use graphics from RPG maker 2003

    Hello! I love the sprite set from RM3K2003, but also love the functionality of MV, I know little about graphic design but I think they are different dimensions, and im not sure how I would go about doing any of this. Maybe someone has already converted those for MV? If not, I suppose I can try...
  7. lerugray


    Hey there My name is Ray, I had an imported copy of the PSX RPG maker as a kid, and have loved the software for years. I'm a recently established wargame designer (Rostov 41 for Multi Man Publishing) and designed a Pen & Paper rpg years ago called 'Everything is Dolphins' that was a minor cult...
  8. lerugray

    How to change how stats work, revamp combat, and tailor VX Ace to my own mechanics.

    Hello all, this is a rather long post as i've been working on this a while, I appreciate your patience and understanding if I posted this correctly, its been a while. I'm back at VX Ace as there is a full functioning plugin that makes your game into a first person dungeon crawl. I have a fully...
  9. lerugray

    Wizardry Style Character Creation

    Hello All forgive me if this has already been asked or done, it's been a while and I just got MV today. I could use a plugin that allowed characters to be 'rolled' as in the older wizardry games, to elaborate: - Players first choose Name, Gender, Alignment, & Race, race sets base abilities...
  10. lerugray

    Lost product key for XP & IG

    Hello I deleted a bunch of old emails a while ago without realizing I lost a bunch of product keys, realized one of those were two purchases I made years ago, the order numbers are still stored on the website here, is it possible to get product keys for those that I already bought? Where do I...
  11. lerugray

    Creating Custom Battle Systems/Mechanics

    Hello all Forgive me if this question has already been asked, but im close to buying MV after finding out there's possible support for isometric dungeon crawls coming (like shin megami tensei, wizardry etc), and with that said, I want to use MV to design a game using party based RPG Mechanics I...
  12. lerugray

    cRPG maker for RPG MAKER (needs translation)

    Hi all So I got in contact with the developer for the game lord of the seal on steam who linked me to this website. I can't tell if this is for MV, VX Ace, or whatever else, but this is of huge interest to me as I would love to do a first person crawler with the RPG maker engine, it would seem...

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