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  1. How do I downgrade the standalone version?

    I know how to downgrade on Steam, but how do I downgrade the version I bought from I only have the option to download version 1.6.1.
  2. Screen effects over pictures?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there's a way to make screen effects work on top of pictures (shown using the "Show Picture" command? Right now when I place a picture between a fade in/fade out, it won't fade in/fade out the Picture that is shown. The pictures always appear on top. I know that the...
  3. PIXI errors in console log (ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)

    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing these PIXI errors in the console log? Why would it be looking for a .map file? Thanks!
  4. Looping picture

    Is there a way to make a seamless picture to loop endlessly? My game screen size is 1296x768 and the seamless picture is 1296x1296. I tried using the loop command, like this: However, it doesn't work well. After a few seconds the pictures start appearing on top of each-other. Probably due to...
  5. Dim Window Color

    Is there a way to change the background color of a "Dim" (dimmed) message window, which always seems to be black?
  6. Guard, reduce damage by 50% ?

    A newbie question, but I can't figure it out (and having a hangover doesn't help). How do I make the Guard skill actually reduce damage by let's say 50% ? Where do you set the formula?

    I suddenly started getting the the following error frequently: WebGL: CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL: loseContext: context lost My current project just crashes all the time. Even with a fresh new project, I managed to replicate the error by pressing F9 about 10-20 times in a row. I haven't changed...
  8. Change first save slot name

    I'm surprised that this hasn't been asked before (or I couldn't find it), but is there a way to change the first "File" to "Autosave" on the save/load pages ? Cheers!
  9. Conditional Branch for Weapon type.

    Hello, I found the following line to check for the weapon type currently equipped by the actor: $[0].itemId() == 2 Can someone explain me how this works? I can't get it to work in a conditional branch as a script. I reckon actor is the character, and starts...
  10. Common event "memory leak"

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone can figure out why this common event is causing a memory leak (where the game memory usage goes up to 3GB, until the FPS reaches 0, and the game crashes). I'm basically creating a window popup that shows up on the screen when the player is on a map that is...
  11. Increase in-game menu (left) bar

    Greetings! I have quite a few options in the in-game menu, which makes it so that not all menu options are shown, and the player has to scroll down to view the 'Quit Game' option like this: Is there a simple way to increase the size (height) of the left bar in the in-game menu? Thank...
  12. Increase skill required weapon types

    Edit: Please remove, mods. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Cant remove animation during battle

    Greetings! So I created a new special skill called "Bandage", that basically allows healing, and I removed any animations associated with it in the Skills tab. However, when I use the skill in-game it always shows some weird flash animation, and I can't seem to figure out how to remove it. Does...
  14. Mouse controls during battle

    Hello everyone! So my game is recommended to be played with a mouse, as certain features are only available with it. However, one thing I haven't been able to figure out, is that during battle, there is a menu at the bottom left (Attack, Magic/Special, Items, Guard) that needs to be clicked to...
  15. Dash Stamina & Pre-Title Events Compatibility

    Hi guys, I'm posting this here, in case there is someone with basic Javascript knowledge who has a few moments to look into this. With the new RMMV update (1.3) these two plugins are no longer compatible with each-other. I receive the notorious "Type Error - undefined is not a function"...
  16. Options menu addition

    Basically, I want the ability to add a new option to the "Options" menu, where switching the option to ON or OFF will switch an ingame switch to ON or OFF, and this obviously shouldn't show up on the main menu Options page (only the in-game Options page). The reason I need this is because I...
  17. Ambient sound

    Greetings! I was wondering if there is an easy way to add ambient sound, where when the player approaches an event, the sound increases. I have a few children playing (running) around in a village, and I want to play the 'laughing kids' audio track when the player approaches them. Is it possible...
  18. game_self_switches (remove self switch control)

    Hi! So in VX Ace we could use the following to enable/disable a self switch: key = [137, 1 , "A"] $game_self_switches[key] = true Is there a way to do this in RPG Maker MV as well? Thank you in advance!
  19. Timed text

    I am looking for some help to create a script that will allow the message box/text to disappear after X seconds, while also giving the ability to skip the message box by pressing on a button. I know it's possible to use "\|" to wait a second, and "\^" to skip waiting for input, but that disables...
  20. Play Movie (OGV) black & white

    Hello, I've been trying to use the 'Play Movie' feature in VX Ace, but for some reason the video always plays in a black & white color. If I run the video outside RPG Maker using VLC player, it works perfectly fine. EDIT: FIXED the issue by converting the main video to a different format...

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