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  1. araraf

    Weird error symbol in text

    Hey there, so I got this problem - Here - It's showing if I have more than one line in any description (Character, skill etc.). Anybody have idea what exactly is causing this and possibly how to get rid of it? Got no symbol at the end of the line. Thanks in advance and enjoy your day!
  2. araraf

    Expanded Char. Generator?

    Ok, thanks alot! ^^
  3. araraf

    Expanded Char. Generator?

    Well, this is more of a question - Does somebody knows some kind of a next-gen generator that could add to calssic sprite sheet add also the "damage" one or "behavior" one? -Thx and sorry if posted in wrong place, this one seemed like most fitting, haha... ha... T.T
  4. araraf

    Actor can't move

    Nope, I don't feel like there is anything set to autorun, I learned that lesson a long time ago that autorun just messes everything up... Yeah, everything is parallels and the last blank page is action button triggered. Also there are no other events- Aw sheep the common event d**ked me over...
  5. araraf

    Back again, I just gotta try to avaoid the scream SE in VX ace!

    Back again, I just gotta try to avaoid the scream SE in VX ace!
  6. araraf

    Actor can't move

    So, I got into RPG maker after a short break... Yeah, let's call it short... And I imediatly encountered problem: I go through two parallel process on the beggining (a lil intro, fake loading screen as an excuse for a motivation quote... Ehm...) and then it spits my character into the map...
  7. araraf

    Super noob needs help

    In the database - Very first column - "Actors" You change your actors here and the actor on first position will be the starting one. If you want to keep the first actor, but start it for example with actor X, make parallel process where you remove the 1st actor from party and add the X actor...
  8. araraf

    items in inventory how many

    Just a quick side note - If you want player to be able to collect usable items aswell, it would be nice if you separated the nonusable ones from usable by adding the collectibles into key-items inventory ;D Just a small advice ;D
  9. araraf

    Cauldron Sprite

    You could google for a couldron you want on google pics and just make it smaller in gimp or something to the size you want it to be ;D
  10. araraf

    Leaving a NPC behind in your base

    @vork88 Oh, sorry, I though that Starbound already answered the question and you had a new one ;D sheep happens, didn't got it... Sorry
  11. araraf

    Leaving a NPC behind in your base

    Set a move route to the event which have the party members sprite on. To set a move route go over here And either set the Type to Random or Custom    - Random makes your event move randomly    - Custom lets you create your own route for the event
  12. araraf

    Can I get a new product key?

    I think you should contact the customer support with this problem over here.
  13. araraf

    Need bandana added to Faceset

    I think this turned out actually pretty decent, but to be honest... Anyway, if you want to change anything - Colloring, positioning, extending the bandana - Just tell me!
  14. araraf

    Need Inspiration!

    Well, usually monotone repetitive work (Like folding envelopes, pointless grinding in a game or school) makes me kinda... Think about everything else but the actuall work. Perfect for an idea of either progress in the story or a new one! 10 outta 10! (Also, a friend of mine once recommended...
  15. araraf

    Is there any Enemies as Sideview Actors?

    Well, you can always change actors sprite and face in database to whatever you want. Edit: -Sorry - Didn't noticed it's about MV! My bad, but it's probably somehow similiar as VX ace, right? If nope, sorry again!-
  16. araraf

    How to keep/lock game properties

    There is this script that alows you to use all the keyboard keys and I think gamepad aswel (But I dunno about that). It's called "Full Input Keyboard" by Cidomar - It's also free to use in comercial projects (as far as I know anyway)...
  17. araraf

    Choices box repositioning

    Thanks for the tip, but that's not really it, anyway, I found out that if the box appears second time (when I select some choice it loops, cause I haven't continued so far) it's back to normal, so I guess it could be bug in the script itself maybe?
  18. araraf

    Choices box repositioning

    Hello, I kinda encountered something weird - The choices box is pretty much longer than it should be, any idea why? Could it be because setting different fonts etc.? Is there any way to repair it? Also, can I somehow move the box to the bottom of the screen...
  19. araraf

    Fonts - How much, where can I use them etc.?

    Thanks! ;D I'm going to try it right now ;D Edit: Oh, wait, that's for MV, ain't it? Sorry, but I'm looking for something for VX Ace ;D Edit II:But thanks a lot anyway! Now I actually know what to search for! Edit III...
  20. araraf

    Fonts - How much, where can I use them etc.?

    So... I figured out how you change font, but what if I want to change this font only for the menu screen, and use different one in-game? Can I change the font so one "Show text" is in for example arial and the second one is in Comic sans? Or is it possible to go even that far so I could use...

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