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  1. silicaandpina

    Anti save-edit plugin idea

    it seems to still be there for me in MV 1.6.1 though. . . maybe there using an older version ? you can allways inject your own JS by editing plugins.js to make it include your own anyway~ or just edit index.html and add a <script> to the end erh
  2. silicaandpina

    Anti save-edit plugin idea

    Cant you just change "toolbar": false, to toolbar": true, in package.json and then you can just open the JS console and do stuff like $gameParty.giveGold(1000000); anyway, i saw one RM game that did cheat detection by having an event in a bunch of maps that would check if you got there before...
  3. silicaandpina

    Game Crashes when i open the developer console on a certain map.

    The issue is *not* related to a plugin (ive turned them all off, and can confirm it still crashes) the issue is with this parallel event (it doesn't crash if i turn it off) any ideas why ? ◆Loop ◆If:Script:$gameMap.regionId($gamePlayer._x,$gamePlayer._y) == 1 && !$gamePlayer.isInVehicle()...
  4. silicaandpina

    Announcement RPG Maker MV 1.5.2 ßeta

    I reported that back in the 1.6.0 beta..
  5. silicaandpina

    1.6.0 Public Beta Test

    Yea. you cant really decompile C/C++ Its alot harder to reverse because in C/C++ the only way of modifying is to disassemble into Assembly and then Re-Assemble your changes into a new executable. (Assembly is hard to understand as its basically the instructions that are given to the processor...
  6. silicaandpina

    1.6.0 Public Beta Test

    Not even this can protect your game fully, because the browser downloads the game whenever you access it on the server, and you could also just take a look at some of the json files and find every file being used by your game that way... Not sure C# is the best choice for this.. as C# is...
  7. silicaandpina

    1.6.0 Public Beta Test

    Oh i found a bug: Whenever i set the image of an event to a Tile, MV 1.6.0 crashes . . . I am running Kubuntu 16.04 64-Bit
  8. silicaandpina

    Help File

    Probably changed because there's very limited chm support on Mac / Linux since they wanted MV to be multiplatform they used HTML instead
  9. silicaandpina

    1.6.0 Public Beta Test

    I know what the purpose of it is but its still really weak.. (XOR, Doesn't encrypt entire file, Key easy to obtain..) which is what Elpeleq42 asked about here:
  10. silicaandpina

    1.6.0 Public Beta Test

    i just tried exporting a game under deployment on 1.6.0 and it appears to be just as weak as before .-.
  11. silicaandpina

    RPG Maker 95?

    interesting... honestly tho if there gonna bring rm95 to steam in english, id like to see srpg95 too :)
  12. silicaandpina

    RPG Maker 95?

    i got my copy of SimRPGMaker95VALUE! (why such long name?) honestly this looks like its brand new and never been used lol. had to set my computers locale setting to japan to get it to install and run properly.. it seems this program is used for making SRPGs (simular to fire emblem and other...
  13. silicaandpina

    RPG Maker 95?

    Its the only RM95 i could find :/ whats the diff between Sim RM95 Value and RM95 value? also where to find orignal RM95 and RM95 value hehe would like to get them :)
  14. silicaandpina

    RMMV Kinara: Aspira

    Kinara: Aspira Kinara: Aspira is my first RM Game Im not expecting it to be good or anything but decided to post it here anyway. SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK
  15. silicaandpina

    C# C Sharp Support?

    There is no C# Support for RPG Maker MV and certainly not .net (.net would kinda break the Multi-Platform thing that MV has going for it not to mention they would probably have to pay Microsoft some sort of licensing fee to use .net (not entirely sure if they would just a guess). and pure C# is...
  16. silicaandpina

    The Standalone version of RPG MAKER MV for linux is canceled ?.

    this honestly wouldn't be hard to do on enderbrain's side (since they allready have a working version of RM MV on linux via STEAM) its just a matter of if they want to do it.. but honestly i cant see why they would make a standalone version seems steam is where there focusing right now. (which...
  17. silicaandpina

    RPG Maker 95?

    That would be me! im gonna try it on a real 98 PC (and probably win2k as well) I found the VALUE! edition which is compatible with windows 2000 (NT kernel) as well.. (WINXP should work fine too id assume..) In regards to the poll "Would you buy RM95" I just did :)

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