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  1. VHStapes

    Ways to Improve the AI

    I'm wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for making the ai better? Maybe a better way to ask the question is, what are methods you've used to make the ai act the way you want it to?
  2. VHStapes

    Considering Starting a Youtube Channel/Blog - Topics?

    The name of the topic (and the poll) says it all! I've been using RPG Maker since RPG Maker 2000 and while I've never finished a game, I've spent tons of time in the program, and generally have a decent amount of knowledge about it in general. I want to put this knowledge to good use (of course...
  3. VHStapes

    I want to remove TP from my game entirely, is this possible?

    Just as the title states. Any ideas? I use a lot of Yanfly plugins, if that makes a difference. Really just stopping it from drawing the tp bar all over the place would be enough for me :) Turns out there's an option in the Yanfly core plugin, I don't know how I missed it, but I feel like a...

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