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  1. Removing Stats From Menu?

    Is there a plugin to remove the HP, MP, Level, and EXP from the Main Menu?
  2. How do you Feel About Heavy Use of RTP?

    I would like some of the community' opinions of heavy RTP. Maybe the maker adds a few other things in, but it's mainly RTP. How do you feel about that?
  3. [Dead Thread]

    Dead Thread
  4. How do You Make a Good Game Using Limited Time and Resources?

    I am trying to make a new game, but I have a few problems. I need to make my first game for experience, and therefore, don't want to spend too much time on it. I have no money to buy resources for my game, so I can only use what the community offers for free. I don't want to make a game...
  5. Any Steam Games Anyone Would Reccomend to Me?

    I'm a fan of indie and RPG games and visual novels. :)  More preferences are puzzle, fantasy, steampunk, and sci-fi games.
  6. Seed Packet Icon?

    I need a seed packet icon for a game I'm making. I would like it to be blank so that it can be customized. If this is already existing, can someone direct me to it? Thanks. 
  7. Exclude Items from Shop that the Player has Already Bought?

    Is there a plugin that can remove items from the shop interface if the player has already bought them? Or a way to implement this for 10+ items without a ton of conditional branches?
  8. Sewing/Clothing Shop Themed Tiles

    Are there any sewing or clothing shop themed tiles for VX Ace? (Ex: sewing machine, mannequins wearing and not wearing clothes, swatches and rolls of fabric, etc.) (Note: I have already found a few by Lunarea and Vanilla Drops)
  9. Recognize Party Leader

    How do I check who the party leader is?
  10. Creating Dynamic Villagers

    I wish to create dynamic villagers. They will do certain tasks at certain times of day, and at certain times you will be able to interact with them. However, I do not fully know how to do this. My plan: Conditional Branch: If it is X:XX, move here and do animation if necessary. The trouble...
  11. Always- Open Window

    I'm creating a time system for my game and I wanted to make it so that in the top right corner of the screen, there is always a small window that displays my time variables(year, month, day, hour, minutes). Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
  12. Passabillity Settings

    I just got RPG Maker XP and am super confused. I have the default tilesets, and haven't touched them. However, the player seems to be able to walk through walls and most objects. Can someone please explain this to me/ help me?
  13. What Does a Good Puzzle Game Include?

    I'd like to hear from the RM community what they think makes a puzzle game good. I think challenging, yet possible puzzles that are enjoyable for the player are in any good puzzle game.
  14. Select Item Command Question

    I used the "select item" event command in a part of my game. There is a door to unlock, and you need the rusty key to open it. I set the variable used in the command to 1, since the id of the rusty key in the database is #0001. However, when I tested the game, you can also unlock the door with...
  15. "Select Item" Event Command

    Okay, I am really confused as to how this event command ('select item') works. Can someone explain it to me?
  16. "Content Started" page not loading...[Microsoft Edge]

    (I don't doubt that I might have put this in the wrong forum.) Whenever I go to the "activity" page at the top and click "Content Started" I get the typical Microsoft Edge message telling me that's it's tried to load it multiple times (which it hasn't) and that it can't load. I've cleaned off...
  17. Different Item Types?

    I wish to have different item types besides the default. For example, a "Kits" item type, a "Food" item type, etc. Anyone know how to do this? Even if you have to use a plugin I would appreciate it.
  18. Favorite Vocaloid?

    I wanted to know the community's favorites vocaloid songs/artists. :D  
  19. Question About Resource Packs

    This is just about resource packs in general, so I just put it under Kadokawa Resource Packs. So, I have a question. If you purchase, say, a VX Ace Resource Pack, must you legally own VX ACE in order to resize it and use it in MV?
  20. RPG Maker Web Gift Cards/Certificates?

    First, I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. Okay. Onto my question. Are there any RPG Maker Web gift cards/certificates or anything of that sort? I was looking through the shop at the resource packs and was thinking how handy it would be to have a gift card.

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