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  1. DuncanS

    Eric's Day Off

    Sure, heroes get lots of credit and princesses for all their hard work, but do they ever get any down time? It seems like all heroes do is run around saving the world from one disaster after another. Eric, having been busy adventuring and slaying monsters for a good long while, decides that he...

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I really need to stop thinking there are new freebies just because someone made a new post in the freebies subforum lol.
AND just like that..... I got STEAM DLC up and working! YES!
Game making is like a marathon, except the last 1/4 is more like sprint... a very long and intense sprint.
Finally got to finish the demo for my project!
Another week has gone by. Maybe you made changes to your project/s. Maybe you didn't. Nonetheless, THAT IS NO EXCUSE TO NOT BACK THEM UP O_O!

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