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  1. Kotaro

    Equipment "booster packs"?

    So, after a really long absence from this forum (of literal years), and several abandoned game ideas (and one that I really want to go back to later) in the interim, right now I want to focus on a much smaller project than what I've tried before, to recover from some creative awful burnout I've...
  2. Kotaro

    Am I allowed to use VX Ace resources in MV?

    I have a ton of resources that I purchased for VX Ace. Does the license allow me to use them (specifically, I'm asking about the music) in a commercial game made in MV?
  3. Kotaro

    YEP Action Sequences, incorrect attack animation

    EDIT: I copied over the action sequence from this post, but I replaced "motion swing: user" with "motion attack: user," hoping it would use the correct type of animation regardless of the user's currently equipped weapon. But for some reason, it still defaults to the swing animation, even if the...
  4. Kotaro

    Multiple elements?

    Is there a way to make a skill have multiple elements in the damage it deals, for example, both fire and ice?
  5. Kotaro

    Altering TP gain from damage

    By default, actors gain TP when they use skills or take damage. I can easily set how much TP is gained from using a skill, but I don't see any easy way to manually set how much TP is gained when taking damage. I want to use TP for basically Limit Breaks, and as it is, the gauge fills far too...
  6. Kotaro

    Imported Enemy doesn't show up in the Database

    For the purpose of editing and testing casting animations and the like, I created an enemy battler image from a single frame of one of my actors' sideview battle animations and dropped that into the enemies folder. But when I go into the animation tab of the database and select change target...
  7. Kotaro

    Enemy Resurrection

    So I want to have a boss fight in which the boss has a few minions, and if the minions die, he can revive them. If I just give him a skill to do that though, he ends up randomly using it even before any of his minions fall. I found this archived thread on the topic, and it says that conditions...

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