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  1. Nimbus

    Change Tile Size

    That's actually a really good idea! Essentially, a zoom is the exact thing I was using your plugin for. It never dawned on me that I could change the zoom of the camera instead of the size of the assets, but a quick search already brought up a couple of good ways to do this. Thanks again for...
  2. Nimbus

    1.5X Map Zoom

    Thank you for the clean and easy suggestion, @Mintorossa! In case anyone wants to try this, make sure to run this command as a parallel process (and not just a one time thing that gets called when you enter a map). I just discovered that entering the menu and exiting it will reset the zoom...
  3. Nimbus

    Change Tile Size

    Thank you! I'll revert to 1.2 until I absolutely need to update. (I was secretly hoping I could do 1.3.0 to use Yanfly's Doodads plugin, but the very nature of that plugin would have probably conflicted with larger tiles even without this issue).
  4. Nimbus

    Change Tile Size

    Aww that is quite disappointing. You're right though, I wasn't really using this plugin for its intended purpose. I just liked being able to increase the tile size so I could create higher resolution artwork and make things bigger and clearer on screen. What makes me most curious though is the...
  5. Nimbus

    Change Tile Size

    Hmm that is very odd that is works fine on your end. Not sure if relevant or not, but the issue happens AFTER I update my project using the 1.3.1 NewData folder. If I load up my backup copy (made with 1.1) in MV 1.3.1 without copying over that new js folder & index.html, I don't have any of the...
  6. Nimbus

    Change Tile Size

    Just wanted to report an error that I am running into. I don't think that it's related to the black screen issue that was discussed above, so it seems to be more directly related to the plugin than the engine. I just updated my RPG MV from v1.1.0 to v1.3.1 and my HD tilesets seem all jumbled...
  7. Nimbus

    Gearing up for Global Game Jam 2016. This will be my first time making an RPG Maker game for GGJ!

    Gearing up for Global Game Jam 2016. This will be my first time making an RPG Maker game for GGJ!
  8. Nimbus

    Global Game Jam 2016

    Yeah, the idea is to go to a physical location and develop your game there. I've done that in the past, but since I don't have a laptop, that means lugging my giant desktop setup across town in the snow. So I decided to jam from home this year. My sister and I are going to collaborate and then...
  9. Nimbus

    Global Game Jam 2016

    For those who haven't heard of it, every January a bunch of people in the game development community get together to participate in an event called the Global Game Jam. A general theme is announced on Friday, and teams from around the world have 48 hours to create a game based on that guideline...
  10. Nimbus

    Long Gone Days (DEMO) [NOW on Indiegogo]

    This artwork looks absolutely amazing! I love the way you use elongated characters to break the traditional mold of most 2D RPGs. I think it gives the characters so much more personality. To anyone who says "all RPGMaker games look the same," this is the first thing I would show them because you...
  11. Nimbus

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    These are incredible. And there are so many of them too! Thank you so much for all this work whtdragon. I think some of these will definitely be finding their way into a few of my projects.
  12. Nimbus

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    You're the best, Yanfly! I was deadset on controlling all of this in Message Core and didn't even think about changing something in another plugin. It seems I was using the row for the wrong reason, as all I wanted to do was make 4 rows fit using my bigger font. So I changed the rows back to 4...
  13. Nimbus

    [BUG][Yanfly Message Core] Multiple Messages Combining Into the Namebox

    Thanks! I'll make sure to post this in the proper place. This prompted me to try the newest version of the plugin, and while it stopped jamming all of that content into the name box, it's still combining multiple messages into a single message.
  14. Nimbus

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hey there Yanfly. I came across a bug in the Message Core. I made a thread about it here, but since updating to the latest version, the bug has changed a little. Plugin Name: YEP_MessageCore v 1.06 Error: Upon changing default rows to more than 4, sequential messages are combined into one text...
  15. Nimbus

    Anyone know these size in Cm/Mm

    I always work with pixels and not cm, so I'm just doing a quick conversion in Photoshop. But upon copying a default Actor1 96px by 96px face set, Photoshop converts it as 1.22cm or 12.19mm. Edit: Heh, lots of different answers here. One thing to remember is that you have to pay attention to the...
  16. Nimbus

    [BUG][Yanfly Message Core] Multiple Messages Combining Into the Namebox

    Just ran across the strangest bug. Upon creating an event with consecutive text commands, the message core plugin is combining them together and jamming them into the name box. If I add anything in between the two text commands (even just a 1 frame wait command), the bug doesn't happen. Also, it...
  17. Nimbus

    [Yanfly Message Core] Namebox Vertical Clipping

    Hmm, any word on this? With the higher resolution, I've grown really attached to increasing my text size to improve readability. Having the names so tiny really clashes with the larger text though, so it'd be great if there was a way to avoid the clipping. Anyone else discover any cool...
  18. Nimbus

    What is the QT Graphical Effects folder?

    There is a folder in the MV directory called QTGraphicalEffects, and inside it are a bunch of cool sounding effects like radial blur, opacity mask, glow, gaussian blur, linear gradient, and more. These are all .qml files which I know next to nothing about. I feel like I remember a video about...
  19. Nimbus

    [BUG] Weird Photoshop Pressure Sensitivity Conflict

    Yeah, I have a bit of an unusual setup. I've never even met anyone else who owns the same tablet. When I get the chance, I'll see if I can try to reproduce this with a different tablet / different version of Photoshop to help narrow it down.
  20. Nimbus

    [BUG] Weird Photoshop Pressure Sensitivity Conflict

    So I've come across a really odd bug in RPG Maker MV. If I have Photoshop open and I switch over to MV, whenever I go back to Photoshop my pressure sensitivity for my drawing tablet suddenly stops working. I have to restart Photoshop for it to work again. It doesn't happen with any other...

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