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  1. Piskel Plugin for .gif animation management.

    That's actually helpful, thanks Poryg.
  2. Piskel Plugin for .gif animation management.

    Hello everyone! ELI5 why this isn't already how images can be manipulated? I literally just read a thread where mostly everyone uses Photoshop, which is great, except I do too and make my animations and save and edit them as I got in Photoshop. Why would I want to learn how to manipulate...
  3. Spriter Plugin

    No, I'm not. I just want RPG Maker to stop being so anti-gif. It's too much work to have to think out your animations, work on them, save them, tweak them, then have to resave them as a sprite sheet for RPG Maker MV format. Spriter Pro works similarly to how the Sprite and Animation editor in...
  4. Spriter Plugin

    Yo Kana, you da best fa diss one. Honestly, I am hyped. My needs: I don't like the default character set. I want to be able to import my own custom sprite GIF as the battler like, with its own animations, saved in Spriter Pro of course. You can set their default height but let me choose how...

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