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  1. D.ray

    What is a genre of music that you prefer to listen too during play a RPG game?

    I assume the question is what genre of music do you prefer for games to have or use? Or are you asking what kind of music do people like to listen to while playing games? If it's the 1st question, I don't usually have a preference. I'm open to all kinds of music and I think as long as the...
  2. D.ray

    Can the games industry ban just full game walkthrough Youtube videos?

    It isn't arrogant or dangerous. It's reality. It applies to all business. Bad product and bad decisions lead to companies failing. Don't have the skills required to succeed for the business side of your art? Well then acquire them. Or find a way in which to acquire people who do. You can't...
  3. D.ray

    What is the game platform you are spent most of the time playing games? Why?

    I do consoles and PC. Started on consoles and eventually moved to PC. I'd say my time is split between the 2. I have a lot of of games for xbox360/ps4 I haven't even played. The same for PC. I'm close to over 200 games just for PC, but I've played less than 1/4 of them. I don't game on my phone...
  4. D.ray

    Can the games industry ban just full game walkthrough Youtube videos?

    Can games walkthroughs be banned from youtube? Yes they can, but it would be a a public nightmare and do more harm than good. I doubt anyone would buy said banned game or future games from any company or dev that tried to do this. Fact of the matter is, people are going to either buy a game or...
  5. D.ray

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018!

    Sweet. I look forward to participating in this. Just got a find a team now.
  6. D.ray

    What is your motivation?

    An unyielding and never ending desire to create. It's the reason why I choose to be a creative person and work in the arts, Video games just happen to be a medium that combines many artistic avenues I love and enjoy, such as music, art, and writing. Along with that, a desire to create my own...
  7. D.ray

    What music gets you pumped while making games?

    J-pop Electro-pop Anything electronic, Trance, Dub step, House, Nu Disco etc Sometimes some Trip-hop, shoegaze, or post-rock for when I'm in a chill mood. And of course some modern metal, Tech metal or metalcore.
  8. D.ray

    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    Mac and cheese is gross. Milk is gross. Aged cheese is gross. But fresh're alright. Sword art online isn't as bad as people complain it is. There are much worse animes. Modern anime itself isn't as bad it people say it is either. K-pop isn't that special. It's just western...
  9. D.ray

    What do you consider to be a bad person?

    Well my point isn't that a person would just have one of the things I mentioned, but all three. I did fail to mention on my part that intentionally causing harm to someone would be for that persons own benefit, pleasure or boredom. Basically causing harm because they could. So I guess my...
  10. D.ray

    What do you consider to be a bad person?

    i'll keep it simple. To me an "evil" person would have all of the following. 1. Intentionally causing harm to someone 2. A lack of empathy for humans, or living things 3. A lack of regret
  11. D.ray

    My problem with the Classifieds section

    I think a good artist/composer/freelancer who makes money or intends to make money, wouldn't rely solely on one stream of revenue. This means they probably have different sources of income and an actual website. I would be highly skeptical of the restriction of the classifieds negatively...
  12. D.ray

    How do you guys plan a work schedule around working on your games?

    You can get as hardcore as you want with this steps. And obviously some of these steps can take time to effectively implement. Step 1: Reduce/Eliminate Reduce as many non essential things from your life or routine, such as other pass times like social media, TV, or going out too much. You...
  13. D.ray

    Using music covers (remixes) in RMMV game.

    Unless the original songs you are using for your covers or remixes are public domain, or fall under creative commons, you will need to ask permission from the original artists or copyright holder to make a remix or cover. This usually also means paying some sort of fee. How much depends on the...
  14. D.ray

    Favorite Vocaloid?

    I would have to go with megurine luka. She's the queen of vocaloid rock and metal. My favorites genres. :) Her cool yet sweet voice pairs great with it, and she's not too high pitched. 2nd place would have to go for Hastune Miku for me. She's also great in the metal and rock genres, but fits...
  15. D.ray

    Nothing like a fresh pot of coffee on a cool rainy day.

    Nothing like a fresh pot of coffee on a cool rainy day.
  16. D.ray

    5 Minute Game Jam!!!

    This does look neat. If anyone needs some badass sound effects, hit me up.
  17. D.ray

    I basically scrapped my game for the third time, How do you not?

    Some tips to avoid scrapping a game. - Stick to a short game. Especially if it’s your first. Not only will things naturally take longer because it’s your first time and you’re still learning, but you’ll probably make mistakes, or have things not come out like you want them to due to...
  18. D.ray

    The Songs that never get old...

    Well, all of the following fit the criteria for me. I could go on for days, but I'll keep it to this for now.
  19. D.ray

    Avoid ‘boring-ness’ while RPG making

    I somewhat agree with this. The most important thing is the amount of work you can get done in a period of time, rather than the actual length of time spent on a task. So if you can accomplish a lot of work in 30 minutes and then need a break, that’s fine. It’s better than spending 2 hours on...
  20. D.ray

    What is your favourite vidya music?

    There's quite a lot of OST's I listen to. But for nostalgia purposes this is the first that came to mind.

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