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  1. Linhtendo

    RMMV Eterna

    It took me a while to get healthy again, wasn't able to do anything for nearly a year. I started this project over a year ago, but wasn't able to do any progress at all. But since I've been free of this illness of mine I can get back to my big project, a game that I want to sell some day. It's...
  2. Linhtendo

    VXAce Generator Parts in Kaduki-Style [Updated: 22nd June]

    The generator in Ace is really helpful for those, who can't edit or draw their own characters (or for those who can but are lazy :D ) And there are many people who use the Kaduki-Facesets and sprites. But the faces in the generator don't match with the anime-stylish Kaduki Facesets. So, because...

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"If the lion knew her own strength, hard were it for anyone to rule her". This would be my custom title if I had enough spaces for it. Coming off of personal pain, I'm glad I found the original quote I've tweaked.
Today I found out that ladybirds\ladybugs are apparently named for the Virgin Mary. They're also known as God's cows in some places.
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The sad reaction was not because I want you to credit me. (terms clearly say no need to credit) but because those maps are meant to be used as inspiration or guidence. You are ofcourse alowed to use them however you want :)
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