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  1. Event moves ABOVE/WITH another Event?

    I hope I can follow you: A parallel process for the weapon to move to the position of the event? so it won't be simultaneously.. correct? they have to move the exact same time. is this even possible via move route and parallel process or am I missing something? Which plugging do talk about in...
  2. Event moves ABOVE/WITH another Event?

    well. moving towards player. because the enemy wants to kill the hero doesn't he? and the event has the same. logically, they won't take the same way together. - no screenshot needed - you could've asked which movement route both of the events have in first place. I believe screenshots aren't...
  3. Event moves ABOVE/WITH another Event?

    true words. But if let's go back to topic right now. If have the enemies and the weapons location... I need the weapon to move with the "locked" enemy. How are we going to do that?
  4. Event moves ABOVE/WITH another Event?

    thanks for the reply shaz! well it's an easy conditional branch to do this, so no script needed in this case. ;D yes. lots of monsters have same weaponry as some others.
  5. Event moves ABOVE/WITH another Event?

    because than I have something like this: Monster 01 having weapon 01 - Sprite Monster 01 having weapon 02 - Sprite Monster 01 having weapon 03 - Sprite ...... Monster 02 having weapon 01 - Sprite Monster 02 having weapon 02 - Sprite .... you see where this is going? ;) there will be lots of...
  6. Platform carries you somewhere --- HOW?

    yeah I understand what you're saying and I'm hoping for someone to release a plugin in the near future. I'm not into coding that much, too so waiting is all we have here ;D
  7. Event moves ABOVE/WITH another Event?

    1) The title says "event moves..." so please consider this "events pretending to be visible enemies". 2) no plugin used 3) it is NO cutscene. It is an event (with visible weapon) which should <walk together with another event but being permanently ON the event> 4) and about that Transfer Event...
  8. Event moves ABOVE/WITH another Event?

    hey guys! =D some enemies do have weapons. and to make them carry them, I thought of parallel processing a "Transfer Event to X/Y (of the Enemy) Location. Yeah does work great. UNTIL it moves. The Enemy has to do one step in order for the Transfer event to let the weapon follow. there is a...
  9. Platform carries you somewhere --- HOW?

    Rhino!! you almost got what I need!! The Region Restriction I don't really care about, because the player CAN fall down from platform anyway. So how did you make this possible?
  10. Platform carries you somewhere --- HOW?

    exactly. also I want to move on the platform AND be transported if I don't move! that's the problematic here =) is there also an eventing possibility?
  11. Platform carries you somewhere --- HOW?

    72 hours are over. so please can anyone tell me?
  12. < Terrain Tag with switched Events >

    alright, then it won't be a problem with lags n stuff. thanks for the reply and telling that there is no other way around this situation! thank you!
  13. < Terrain Tag with switched Events >

    well I just don't want to copy/paste so much events because there will be lots of holes. isn't there any other solution for it? alright thank you!
  14. < Terrain Tag with switched Events >

    Hey guys! Who can help me with this situation?? Player sees a stair but can't reach it because of a big hole. If he steps on hole (which is Terrain Tag _1 = X/Y stuff..) the player graphic changes to falling and is getting back to where he started. He discovers a switch, which he stepped on...
  15. < Jump Speed etc.>

    well ok, just made a mistake believing that player is not normal speed (4). So didn't decrease something. move route Speed 3 on Player changed the speed of "jump". Thanks! can be closed
  16. Platform carries you somewhere --- HOW?

    You fall into a pit when stepping into the black. there is a platform moving from the right to the left. you can go onto this platform to avoid falling. BUT you stand still from the moment you step on the platform which should carry you to the other side! Of course you can walk on that...
  17. < Jump Speed etc.>

    Quickly explained! Can you reduce Jump Speed? like 20% decrease or something? And is "Jump" going over everything? How can I stop "Jump" from doing that? For example don't jump over an object wich is supposed to be pushed / and not jumped over. EDIT: YEP.68 - Smart Jump | did the job with...
  18. < Variable Pool .. is this even possible? >

    thanks for that informative understandable post right there! I feel understood and think that there are some missing information on how to do things the new way. I'm still treating stuff like I used to as Rpg 2000 was new. I'm having success with my old school stuff but there are a few things I...
  19. < Variable Pool .. is this even possible? >

    this is by far the best message I've encountered in this post! You really do understand what I want to do. Thank you sir! I'll take a look at Yanfly's and will tell you, if this will be the solution for my problem but as you said, it may be limited to an amount which is not much... the first...
  20. Input .keyPressed "LEFT" ... how to use directional pads with MV?

    well no, you didn't understand what I wanted to do. But that's fine. I solved the problem myself already and I'm happy with what I've done there. alright, sorry for double posting! won't happen again!

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