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  1. PlatypusOfDoom

    MBS - Smooth Scroll

    Unfortunately I just ran into this problem, too. Any idea if the issue can be fixed?
  2. PlatypusOfDoom

    [Dev] Shop Manager - enhancing shop plugins

    I think that this (along with your Hidden Shop Goods plugin) would really help make shops more functional. Looks great so far! :)
  3. PlatypusOfDoom

    States' Auto Trigger

    Hey there, awesome plugin! I noticed something odd when I was using <auto_states:ID> on a piece of armor. When the armor is equipped, the auto states are added and removed correctly. However, the auto state is still on the actor when I remove the armor, then the state will stay applied to them...
  4. PlatypusOfDoom

    Mana Shield

    Hi again, Really been enjoying the plugin so far! Would there be any chance at compatibility with Maliki's ElementsEX? It looks like both of these alter makeDamageValue so I'm not sure how possible it would be to get them to function together. Any thoughts? :)
  5. PlatypusOfDoom

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I finally figured this one out. :D For those of you wondering how to do this, try: b.result().critical = true  With that in mind, you could do something like:  if (b.result().critical) {a.addState(x); y} else {y}Here you would replace x with your state ID and y with your base damage...
  6. PlatypusOfDoom

    YEP Battle Engine and DeadOrAliveItem (Pre-Order DLC Plugins)

    Hi there, I've been trying to make a healing skill that will target a single ally, and will work on either a dead or alive party member (removing the knockout state in the process). I found a nifty little plugin in the pre-order DLC package called DeadOrAliveItem that seems to be made...
  7. PlatypusOfDoom

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    You could add in something like atk * (1 - (a.hp/a.mhp)) to get that effect. It deals damage based on a percentage of their current health over their max health. Alternatively, if you wanted to do something like deal 2 damage per each HP lost, you would do 2 * (a.mhp - a.hp).  I've been trying...
  8. PlatypusOfDoom

    How to change skill scope with variables?

    Thanks for all the feedback. I had considered making two separate skills as a backup method in case there was no easy fix. I'm controlling most of the other non-scope upgrades with common events and variables, so I think I'll still be able to achieve what I'm looking for. :)
  9. PlatypusOfDoom

    How to change skill scope with variables?

    Hey there, I was thinking about having a skill that could be upgraded throughout the game. This skill would start out with the "scope" of one enemy, but I would eventually want to have it affect all enemies once it has been upgraded. Is there any easy way to control the scope of the ability...
  10. PlatypusOfDoom

    Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    I can confirm that the Interesting Stats and Forumals doesn't seem to be working. Unfortunately none of the adjustments seem to actually take effect, even when I turn off all other plugins.
  11. PlatypusOfDoom

    Mana Shield

    Awesome plugin! I'll be sure to use this one. Thanks for your hard work with the updates. Would it be possible to adjust the rate at which the MP/TP is drained when it absorbs damage? For instance, would you be able to have each point of MP/TP absorb X points of damage instead of the current...
  12. PlatypusOfDoom

    Shop Stock / Limited Supply

    Seconded. It would be nice to have control over how many items the players can get.
  13. PlatypusOfDoom

    Yanfly's EX Params from VX Ace?

    This would be great. I've been tinkering with quasi's fixed params, but unfortunately it doesn't allow you to set formulas for things like Evade and Crit. So far I haven't had any luck with making a plugin of my own for this, so hopefully someone figures it out soon. :)
  14. PlatypusOfDoom

    Ellye's State Damage

    Thanks again for the awesome plugin! I noticed an issue with the enemy death animations when the state-inflicted damage deals the killing blow. It seems that when the enemy dies to the state damage at the end of a round, they do not show the "collapse" death animation, and instead just stay on...
  15. PlatypusOfDoom

    Ellye's State Damage

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to make a plugin for this, Mellye. This is definitely a much more efficient solution to the issue than what I was doing ;)
  16. PlatypusOfDoom

    Change the effect of an Item/attack depending on who you are using it on

    Are you trying to check to see if the character's ID is 2 (the second actor in your database)? If so, you should try a heal formula like this: == 2 ? b.add_state(10) : 150 That formula says: if the recipient's actor id = 2, then add state 10. If not, heal recipient for 150.
  17. PlatypusOfDoom

    Poison damgage based on attack rather than percentage

    I've been trying to work around this without scripting, but its a little complicated and cumbersome. Right now I have implemented something similar to this using troop events. Basically it goes like this: Make a poison skill. This skill inflicts the poison state. The poison state doesn't do...
  18. PlatypusOfDoom

    Pop damage numbers when dealing damage with event

    Yes, I've been running into the same problem. I've managed to use events to make a custom poison effect that deals periodic damage based on the caster's stats (instead of a set percentage each round), but unfortunately I can't figure out how to get the damage to show up on screen. Any help on...
  19. PlatypusOfDoom

    Change the effect of an Item/attack depending on who you are using it on

    You could see if the methods listed in this thread still work: That was an old post for VX Ace, so I have no idea if they will still work for MV. Unfortunately I haven't been able to test any of...
  20. PlatypusOfDoom

    [Abandoned Plugin] Super Orange Movement

    That's good to hear! I'll be looking forward to that, since I'd love to implement a functioning version of it in my games. To give you a better idea of what the follower movement is like, I made this little demonstration video: 

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