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  1. KawaiiKid

    A question about tile set resources.

    I'm looking around to see what the biggest set of of tileset resources I can find to buy that all have the same style and can be used together. Although I've been using the Ancient Dungeon pack for quite a while, it doesn't have all the resources I need. Can any of you suggest a pack that...
  2. KawaiiKid

    A question about any mmos being developed.

    Yeah, that's more accurate lol
  3. KawaiiKid

    A question about any mmos being developed.

    I'm not interested in making one myself, I'm just curious to look at the code people are making for it in my free time. Anyone know of any projects or plugins doing this?
  4. KawaiiKid

    Is there a way to disable Agi turn speed?

    Yup, that's exactly how it works. In my game agi is used to increase the damage of finesse weapons and to open locks, pickpocket, etc
  5. KawaiiKid

    Is there a way to disable Agi turn speed?

    I use instant casts on some spells, so they do not take your turn. This ability that moves the next player ahead in line is instant, so they can also perform another action in that round, but this particular ability is only available once per fight. I also would love the ability to move an...
  6. KawaiiKid

    Is there a way to disable Agi turn speed?

    The whole reason I'm trying to mess around with this is that I'd like to be able to make abilities that can give a player another round of attacks. This way you can make some fights interesting so that when you look at the CTB gauge and see that the enemy attack is next, you can use an ability...
  7. KawaiiKid

    Is there a way to disable Agi turn speed?

    Basically, I'm looking to use a CTB system and would like to have everyone get 1 turn per round. I'm trying to disable AGI from increased character's turn speed. Is there any way to do this?
  8. KawaiiKid

    Tips for designing for mobile.

    So mobile games made by rpg maker need to be built with that in mind. One thing I've found out is that paralax mapping is basically off the table. What are some general guidelines or tips that you guys can offer when building for mobile in mind? Thanks ~~
  9. KawaiiKid

    What are some of the largest asset packs I can buy?

    I've found some such as Time Fantasy that just have a ton of resources for the art style, are there any other things like this you guys know of? I'm looking to start a new project and I'm looking to find all my assets in one place! Thank you~~
  10. KawaiiKid

    "Yanfly's Class Change Core" one directional class tree?

    Hey, just wondering if you ever find a solution to this.
  11. KawaiiKid

    Does anyone know if this game was made with a plugin?

    I'm really curious as to how the makers of this game made their map system. It looks really awesome and reminds me of Grimrock. Anyone know what plugin was used, or how to create something similar?
  12. KawaiiKid

    How to check if an actor is in the party.

    This worked perfectly, thank you Shaz
  13. KawaiiKid

    "Yanfly's Class Change Core" one directional class tree?

    I've been looking to do this exact same thing! Let me know if you figure out how to do it!
  14. KawaiiKid

    How to check if an actor is in the party.

    I'm using a plugin for creating a hud, and I need to set the condition to be if a party member is in the group or not. I'm looking for the syntax for say "Actor2" or "Actor3". This way the hud for that character only shows up if they are in the party. Thanks!
  15. KawaiiKid

    Is it possible to make these in game?

    In final fantasy 8 and 9 there were tutorials where it would go into your menu and show you how to do different aspects of the game, explaining with text and then showing you what to do. Is this possible in MV? If not I'm considering just recording my screen and putting it in game as a movie...
  16. KawaiiKid

    Is i possible to adjust this script so it can load dragonbone sprites?

    It's only invisible because the plugin is for sideview only. So if you use sideview battlesystem from yanfly, it works fine and the sprite shows up.
  17. KawaiiKid

    A fairly simple request.

    So I'm just looking to modify this plugin ever so slightly: What I'm trying to get changed is to have an option to display 4 variables instead of hp / mp etc. A little background so this might make more sense. I have 4 variables in my game that represent each of my 4 actor's "Sanity." During...
  18. KawaiiKid

    Your opinions on a "Darkest Dungeon" type of game?

    So how do you guys think this type of game would pan out in a turn based side view type of system that we have in rpg maker?
  19. KawaiiKid

    MP vs Limited use

    So I am a fan of both these mechanics. In case you aren't familiar with limited use, what it does is basically what it says, each ability has only a certain amount of uses available during combat. I'm wondering which which mechanic you guys like more and why? I'm really torn right now on which...
  20. KawaiiKid

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Hi guys, I'd like to show you the game I'm working on. Here is a short video of the first 7 minutes of the game. It shows some of the custom sprites, parallax work, weather systems, etc. Hope you guys enjoy it! I realized I goofed while recording this and forgot to turn the rain sound effect...

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