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  1. Volimance

    Help with Yanfly's Counter Control

    This is just the information I needed!
  2. Volimance

    January Goals & Progress Thread

    I have a kind of work log that keeps track of what I have done, questions and ideas as they come up, and a kind of general outline of what needs to be done. I've been away from making the game for a while and have been afraid to look at that outline. But yeah, I think maybe a week to week...
  3. Volimance

    January Goals & Progress Thread

    Is it remarkable to say that I've been slacking a bit building my game? Well, I have been. In fact I think I've lost a little bit of fluency with RPG Maker MV and the billions of plugins (okay, dozens) that I've set up in the game. Still I'm confident that I can get back in the swing of things...
  4. Volimance

    FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles

    Ooh, let's give this a try!
  5. Volimance

    whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    *gasp* You... you... you angel you! Thank you so much!
  6. Volimance

    whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    These look good. Nah, these look awesome! Soo.... how do I ask with great humility for maybe some paint brushes? Great humility.
  7. Volimance

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Gorgeous work!
  8. Volimance

    Food and other items

    I love those soups!
  9. Volimance

    Sorrow's Resource Dump

    These will add a really nice touch of variety!
  10. Volimance

    TrueClash's Armory

    Beautiful work!
  11. Volimance

    MV Tears For All Eye Types!

    Lovely work!
  12. Volimance

    Hitzuki Key's Doodads-list! (New: Indrah's Nature & Dungeon Doodads!)

    ooooohhhhhhhh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!
  13. Volimance

    That feeling of success!

    As soon as I get the first "Chapter" of the story done I'll post it as a beta/demo. I know the journey is supposed to be everything, but really the destination is pretty important too,
  14. Volimance

    That feeling of success!

    Finally. After a month of trying, enlisting folks help across the community... I got the thing to work exactly the way I wanted it to! I got my first quest done and working! My reward is to do some fun stuff: map making!
  15. Volimance

    Food and other items

    Look at those beautiful teas and coffees! Yayayayayayayay! 
  16. Volimance

    whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    Joke? I really need pencils (pens, brushes) and that frying pan!!! Yes!
  17. Volimance

    Selecting Targets when using Common Event in battle

    Worked like a charm, super easy to implement good feedback for both proper and improper usage!  Thank you!
  18. Volimance


  19. Volimance

    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    As soon as I figure out how to make tilesets out of these they will get plenty of good use! I especially love, yeah like there's just one thing here I love. I love all of it!
  20. Volimance

    Selecting Targets when using Common Event in battle

    Okay this works. I'm fairly confident I can make it do what I want it to do! Braining hurts a little, but I try!

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